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Our university has actively nurtured close relationships with key players in the Hungarian business world for decades, and building business partnerships has long been a fundamental pillar in our strategy. However, since 2020, the areas of entrepreneurship development, innovation and corporate partnerships have received the highest level of academic support and coordination through the creation of a Vice Rector for Strategy and Innovation position. This change is also significant because it has created a more transparent system for our business partners and made it easier for them to find their way into the world of education and research. 

The opportunities for co-operation with the niversity are very diverse, so we believe that every business, regardless of industry or size, will be able to find something interesting and useful for them. In the following question-answer section, we have collected those areas to which our value proposition primarily applies, and we present them both thematically and in detail under the value proposition menu item. It is worth reading and contacting us with your questions and suggestions! We will help you find the most suitable partner for your business within the university community.

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There are many forms of sharing practical experience and knowledge in education. We are open to guest presentations, but also to presenters at our many events. Other forms of co-operation in education can include joint course development, the establishment of a corporate department, dissertation consultation, participation in a final examination board, case study development or company and factory visits. You can read more about all of these HERE.

If you need more information, please contact us at

BBS has a broad range of training opportunities for those who wish to refresh their knowledge or even acquire up-to-date knowledge in new areas. We are also happy to jointly consider the development of company-specific training programmes. If you are specifically interested in entrepreneurship development, you can find more information HERE, and if you are interested in our study programmes in English, click HERE!

Dual Education aims to reconcile the needs of higher education and the labour market, through the practice-oriented training of future professionals. During the programme, in addition to their studies, students undertake an internship at a partner organisation. Thus, companies have the opportunity to train their future employees according to their own needs, even before the students graduate. Thanks to Dual Education, they can provide professional training for their students, and in turn, young people become familiar with the corporate culture, positions and tasks, so that when they are hired as fresh graduates, there will be no need for further, expensive training and the company will also not lose weeks due to the integration of the new employee. In addition, thanks to the close university co-operation, companies can receive important information about professional innovations. Currently, Dual Education is available in 5 Bachelor programs at BBS, in collaboration with more than 50 corporate partners.  More information on Dual Education Programmmes are available HERE

Dr Tamás Kozák, Department Head and Associate Professor, is responsible for Dual Education at our university. He can be contacted directly at

At BBS, we strive to share our research findings and transfer our knowledge in order to help organizations and contribute to the overall effectiveness of their operations. You can find more information about this HERE. We are also open to co-operation with participants in the labour market in the field of research, which could include the recommendation of research topics, the use of university infrastructure and even the implementation of joint research projects.

If you have such a need or idea, please contact us at

Our university carries out successful domestic, EU and international tender activities in many areas that are in some way related to domestic enterprises and, within that, especially closely related to the SME sector. In recent years, a number of educational development projects have also been implemented to address a specific corporate problem and which have been solved by complete training within and outside the school system, educational materials and skills development for business mentors. Our goal is to co-operate more closely with Hungarian companies in the future, either through the implementation of domestic or international tenders.

If you are thinking of this type of collaboration, please contact us at

It is extremely attractive for companies to be able to take advantage of the opportunity to have our excellent, mature students who are in their final semester work as interns in their organizations.

For the company, this means fresh momentum, knowledge and a highly-skilled potential employee for the future. At BBS, we help to promote our partners' internship programmes and job offers, including annually organising our Career Days, wherein we advertise the programmes so that our students and the organizatons offering internships can find each other.

If you are thinking of this type of collaboration, please contact us at

BBS welcomes and offers contractual co-operation opportunities to support scientific, community, cultural and sporting events through professional, in-kind or material means. There are a number of opportunities in this area, which you can read more about HERE, but we would especially like to recommend the 'Secure Future Scholarship' programme, which supports our students who achieve outstanding academic results and are active in community activities. In addition to the above, it is also possible to establish a corporate scholarship. This form of support not only provides financial support for our students, but also offers an opportunity for our business partners to participate in internships with selected students.  

If you are thinking of this type of collaboration, please contact us at

Yes, our university offers rooms and spaces for rent in several excellent locations. The institution’s infrastructural offer includes both a listed historical building and a modern facility designed in the spirit of sustainability. Therefore, we can be considered as ideal venues for conferences, press briefings, board meetings and trainings. For room rental or additional services, please click HERE.

If you are thinking of this type of collaboration, please contact us at

If you did not find a suitable option for your business in our above-listed value propositions, please contact us with your suggestions! We are open to other forms of collaboration and we hope we can find a way to join forces together! 


Vice-Rector for Strategy
  • Office: 1055 Budapest, Markó utca 29-31.
  • Office: 2nd Floor, Room 255
  • Phone: +36 1 374-6200
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