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Budapest Business School

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Budapest Business School
University of Applied Sciences
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With about 18,000 students, BBS is the number one business university in Hungarian higher education. Assessing our responsibilities and drawing upon our traditional values together with our cohesive community,we are consciously working today at a strategic level to contribute to a more sustainable future through guidance and example. The implementation of our Sustainability Strategy is managed by the Sustainability Council, and its day-to-day operations are supported by the Sustainability Network, which consists of members of the internal community.

About Us

BBS's sustainability activities are managed at several levels:

Sustainability Council (SCo)

In order to put the sustainability strategy into practice, the University management established the BBS Sustainability Council in September 2017 with the involvement of top experts, who fulfil their mandate as a pro bono commitment. The five external and two internal members - who exhibit excellence in academia and business - were invited by the Rector and Chancellor of BBS. The University is represented by Dr. László Radácsi, Vice Rector for Strategy and Innovation, and Dr. Balázs Sándor, Head of Human Resources. The Council is managed by two co-chairs, who were selected by the members- Éda Glória Pogány and Dr. László Radácsi. The task of the SCo is to monitor the fulfilment of the goals included in the sustainability strategy, to support internal developments, and to participate in the communication of sustainability results.

Members of SCo 

• Márton Aichelburg, co-founder of Civil Vállalkozások Nonprofit Kft.

• Henrietta Magyar, Pfizer's Public Affairs and Communications Manager

• Péter Olajos, Vice President of the Foundation for the Circular Economy

• Éda Glória Pogány, Head of Syngenta Business Sustainability (EE)

• Dr. László Radácsi, BBS Vice Rector for Strategy and Innovation

• Dr. Balázs Sándor, Head of Human Resources at BBS

I am delighted to be part of the important process that has begun at BBS. In my view, the sustainability strategy is an essential element of the university’s current and future success. I hope that the business experts and those dealing with education and research will here too create common value in practice, and I will work on this together with the members of the Council.
Éda Glória Pogány

Sustainability Network (SNe)

Also, in September 2017, the Sustainability Network was established, which coordinates projects at the university level. The members of the Network have been invited by the management of the University and are made up of the University's lecturers and employee and student experts from various fields. Their main task is to monitor projects, support internal communication, and propose new projects. The Network was expanded with new members in December 2019 and currently the number totals 24. The head of SNe is Andrea Nagy, who also runs the Sustainability Centre. Colleagues and students at SNe are volunteers, and we are very proud of their value-creating work. Each member puts forth the best of their professional knowledge into the tasks, and with their passion and conviction, they act as an incentive for all of us. We can safely say that the members of the SNe are the true ambassadors of sustainability in the BBS community.

Sustainability Centre (SCe)

SCe is an independent functional organizational unit of the University, which performs its tasks directly subordinated to the Rector. It is responsible for the implementation of the Sustainability Strategy and for the professional and operational support of the above units, players and processes. Its main tasks are to support sustainability communication, to professionally support and organise continuous internal education, to provide external professional representation, to measure the fulfilment of goals and to coordinate the flow of sustainability data. The aim of the SCe is to contribute to a more sustainable operation of the university and to the development of a responsible organisational culture. Become acquainted with the staff of the Sustainability Centre! If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us!

Sustainability Centre