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Budapest Business School
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Doctoral program

If you are interested in the world of education-research, would like to listen to the enthusiastic applause at the end of your lecture, yet also enjoy writing in quiet solitude as well as researching and drawing conclusions, you might consider a career in teaching-researching. At the same time you would be engaging in further studies, since the basic condition for obtaining a doctoral degree is the existence of a Masters degree. Once the Masters degree has been obtained, it may be followed by doctoral training in one of the doctoral programs, leading ultimately to a doctoral degree, which is undoubtedly an entry into the academic world. Scientific qualification is an essential condition for the progress of university lecturers as well as for continuous progress in scientific research organizations.

The first doctoral school in Hungary to be established in an institution with the status of a University of Applied Sciences was established at our university. The BBS Doctoral School of Entrepreneurship and Business (BBS DSEB) focuses on businesses and their development. It places emphasis on the business and management topics of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) at the heart of its training and research. The program aims to train researchers in the field of social science and in the area of management and organizational sciences, including the field of business research.

In our doctoral school, we offer programs based on Masters degrees in economics, but we are also open to applicants with Masters degrees in other disciplines, who wish to study business and economics. Since September 2020, PhD courses are available in English.

Further details on the establishment and antecedents of the BBS Doctoral School of Entrepreneurship and Business can be found HERE.