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Budapest Business School

University of Applied Sciences

Budapest Business School
University of Applied Sciences
Dr. Beatrix Fűzi
Research Service Center
Research fellow
Dr. Beatrix Fűzi
  • Office:1055 Budapest, Markó utca 29-31.
  • Building:Ground Floor, Room 3
  • Phone:+36 1 374-6200
  • Internal extension:475


I am an engineer and teacher and I work as a researcher at the Budapest Business School. My doctoral dissertation deals with the measuring and improving of the quality of teachers’ work. I gained doctoral degree in 2012 at the Eötvös Loránd University. I taught pedagogical courses in teacher education and practice of mentoring teachers in post gradual teacher trainings between 2003-2018. I apply and improve a special method for mentoring teachers for ten years and I study its effects on teachers’ work and on students’ performance. I joined the research team of methods in higher education in 2017 and I joined the work of Future of Higher Education Research Center in 2019. As the leader of Centre for Research Services, my mission is to support the research skills' improvement of instructors and of students.

Research areas

  • mentoring teachers
  • methodological challenges of the higher education
  • teachers' role model
  • quality of teaching
  • motivation of students and teachers