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Budapest Business School

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Budapest Business School
University of Applied Sciences
Our programmes
BBS is the number one choice for those interested in business-related programmes. We can say this with confidence, as we have long been the market leader in this field of higher education. In recent years, we have also increased our advantage and our market share in several other areas, and therefore today, the majority of Hungarian students studying in Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes are doing so at BBS. Our programmes are an essential part of our value proposition: if you wish to expand and update your knowledge, acquire additional or specialised skills or, as an employer you wish to provide professional development for your staff, BBS has countless opportunities for you.

BBS' programme structure is adapted to meet market needs, which is why the university is highly recognised by the business community. At BBS, future professionals and leaders of the corporate sector are being trained at all levels (BA/BSc, MA/MSc, Doctoral School), and in many other programmes outside the the university system.

  • BBS is the number one choice for those interested in business programmes. 
  • In terms of the number of students enrolled in Bachelor's business programmes, our University ranks first nationwide. 
  • In 2020, BBS was the 4th most popular higher education institution in Hungary with 6,231 enrolled students.

What Opportunities are offered at BBS? 

At BBS, we continuously improve and tailor our programmes and programme structures to meet the needs of both the labour market and of the students. Based on those needs, we offer specialised programmes (in the fields of finance, accounting, management, control and IT), credit-based post-graduate professional training (for accountants, tax advisors, and certified tax specialists), other adult education courses outside the school system, preparatory courses and of course, examinations related to the above.

The most important feature of our university on the Hungarian market is our practice-orientation, which appears with even greater emphasis at the levels of specialised post-graduate education and adult education. In addition to our experienced teaching staff, we regularly invite professionals from the business as well as the public sectors. Our training profile also covers the ‘for-profit’ and ‘non-profit’ areas of economic life. Our programme offerings, like our curriculum, are constantly being improved, updated and tailored to market needs.

If you wish to expand or update your knowledge, or wish to acquire specialised professional knowledge or, as an employer, provide professional development for your staff, we offer the following options:
Master's programme

The master's programme is the second stage in the Bologna system, which is built on the undergraduate programme (BA / BSc). In the master's programme, more in-depth professional knowledge will be acquired. The system is flexible, allowing for greater leeway to complete those courses that are farther away from previous undergraduate studies. The training period is typically 3 or 4 semesters. With a master's programme, MA or MSc degrees can be obtained. There are currently 8 types of master's programmes available at BBS, from international studies, through management organisation to finance and business management. Detailed information on the programmes and admission requirements can be found HERE.

Postgraduate Specialist Training Programme

These are programmes leading to an additional qualification after a bachelor's or master's degree, which do not offer a new core qualification (i.e., an additional bachelor's degree), but rather provide additional specialist qualifications (e.g., European financial adviser, business coach, logistics and transport, etc.). The obtained diploma is called an ‘additional diploma’, so it is valid together with the basic diploma. The length of the programmes vary: they may be 2, 3 or 4 semesters. All detailed information about these various programmes can be found HERE.

Adult Education (formerly OKJ programmes)

In the field of adult education, we provide training opportunities, specifically for adults, in the fields of finance, accounting and management. Modular training, typically lasting between 6 months and 1 year, usually starts on weekends or in the evening, so that they can be undertaken alongside work or family commitments. Adult training is self-financed, so course fees and any other costs must be funded by participants. This type of training provides specialised knowledge, so it is recommended for those who wish to update and deepen their knowledge in a specific subject area. It is important to note that no higher education level is required to apply, but professional training is required for some courses - you can read more about that HERE.

Short-cyle Vocational Programme (FOSZK)

Short-cycle vocational programmes are typically two-year courses launched by universities and colleges and lead to a certificate only, not a diploma. There are currently 12 types of FOSZK programmes available at BBS, including the fields of economics and management, business informatics or sales and marketing. You do not need any higher education qualification to apply, just a secondary school diploma. The programme is recommended for those who wish to become familiar with a specific field before committing to a university programme. It is important to note that FOSZK programmes are typically state-funded, so the fees of the participating students are financed by the institution. In addition, a significant part of the subjects completed here can be included in a bachelor’s programme should the student wish to continue their studies. For accurate information and an overview of our entire programme selection, we recommend our programme search page, where you can search by programme level, study schedule (e.g.: full-time, part-time), and subject area. 

Small Group Programmes for Companies

In the case of an individual custom-made company request, we also organise training programmes with the schedule, pace and venue tailored to the needs of the company and participants. If you have such a request, please contact us via email.