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Faculty of International Management and Business


Faculty of International Management and Business
Office for BBS Sports External Department

The aim of the physical education teachers at the Office for BBS Sports External Department is to encourage students to participate in as many activities as possible under the current conditions (covid pandemic).

There is a 280 m2 gymnasium on the Mátyásföld campus, which is used by the students and staff of the faculty for basketball, volleyball, football, table tennis and aerobics. In the basement of the faculty building there are four gyms for aerobics, fitness, table tennis and martial arts training and education, also there are cardio and exercise machines.

Our students have a student discount to use the swimming pool, tennis court, artificial grass football pitch in Erzsébet-liget, all 100 meters from the faculty building. In addition, students can use the modern running track free of charge.


Physical education instructor/PE instructor
  • Office: 1165 Budapest, Diósy Lajos utca 22-24.
  • Office: Building D, Ground Floor, Room 24
  • Phone: +36 1 467-7800
  • Internal extension: 996
  • E-mail:

Physical education is a criteria subject, two semesters long, and ends with a signature.

Active participation, which is a condition of signature, is verified by a 100-point requirement system. In addition to his / her own course, the student can earn points for individual activities, participation in university (home, BEFS and MEFS) tournaments and tours, and the Eurofit test. For the promotion of a health culture, blood donations are also rewarded with points. It is definitely worth taking advantage of the extra opportunities and work in advance. Of course, students can also take advantage of additional options, even if they have already gained the required 100 points. Conditions and opportunities for performance may vary depending on whether a personal attendance, blended hybrid system, or distance education is authorized.

It is essential to show up for the first hour, even for those who have an exemption, because details will be clarified, and certificates are issued then! Every class of the first week starts in the park in front of the gym!

Points can be earned as follows:

1. Elite athletes must show their sports certificate before 17.02.2022., and it may be necessary to participate in the university championship to earn the required 100 points;

2. By active participation in the courses 5 points per occasion can be gained, if someone takes part in the tours (block hour) for example, on the Normafa tour he/she gets 15 points because the tour is 4.5 hours long;

3. Participation in the test enables you to get 5-50 points, 5 points are awarded to those who try but do not reach the minimum level, we have been using the 4-task system adapted to Eurofit University for decades, so it should be familiar from secondary school. A 50% performance is enough for 50 points, so there are even reward points available here;

4. Participation in block courses (tours) enables you to earn 10-100 points, the shortest 10 km walking tour is worth 10 points and the most difficult cycling tour is worth 30 points. There will be a total of 13 tours of varying distances and times, in 6 different sports (sup, cycling, wakeboarding, walking, skiing and snowboarding), Tours are always announced on the Monday of the week they are to take place. The one-week ski camp alone is equivalent to 100 points (13 courses of instruction);

5. In case of distance scoring opportunities (individual activity), proof of performance is provided by means of telephone applications (samsung health, addidas run), by sending a screenshot on a monthly basis, to the email address of the teacher leading the course, it is also possible to include a training diary certified by a personal trainer;

- running 1 km 1 point,

- walking 2 km 1 point,

- cycling 4 km 1 point,

- swimming 300 m 1 point,

- roller skates, skateboards, scooters 3 km 1 point,

- 100 calories 1 point for calorie performance;

- blood and plasma donations occasionally 5 points.

Classes will be outdoors if possible, so weather should always be taken into account. During the Physical education classes on the first week of the semester, we will provide more details and answer questions as well.

On behalf of physical education teachers: Tamás Sajgál