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Faculty of International Management and Business


Faculty of International Management and Business
SSA (TDK) Conference Information 22nd September 2021

SSA (TDK) Conference


22nd September 2021

Kornélia Zarándné Dr. Vámosi

Szilvia Hukné Dr. Kiss

Tudományos Diákkör
Scientific Students’ Association

  • Tradition in Hungary
  • Since more than 50 years

The essence of the Scientific Students’ Association movement is:

  • individual research and scientific work based on but going beyond the obligatory curriculum
  • presentation of the results in a scientific paper + at SSA Conference

It is allowed to select other topics or ideas

A consulting professor will assist with the research project

  • The Scientific Students’ Association’s Conference is organised by the faculties of BBS (a different faculty each year)

This year’s conference is held on 25 th November 2021 and is organised by Faculty of Commerce, Hospitality and Tourism

  • The condition of participation are
  • Registration and uploading resume summary ) and by the deadline
  • the completion of a research paper in writing and its submission by the deadline
  • an oral presentation at the SSA Conference

Uploading the Application Form and Summary:

11 - 18. October 2021

Uploading the complete TDK paper:

30.October - 08. November 2021

  • The written TDK paper will be awarded points by two independent reviewers who are familiar with the subject
  • The presentation will be evaluated by the jury based on separate criteria
  • The final result will be the sum of the points awarded for both the written paper and the oral presentation
  • The jury will decide the final order and propose the awards based on the aforementioned system
  • The authors of the best papers will not only receive an award but
  • Could also be recommended by the jury and BBS’s Council of Scientific
    Students’ Association for participating in the OTDK (National Conference of
    Scientific Students’ Associations) which is organised in every second year.
  • You can still participate in the OTDK after your graduation!
  • You can be awarded 3 credits which will replace one of your freely chosen subjects
  • …Or you can get a grade offered by your lecturer
  • You can expand on one of your previously completed assignments or papers to complete the TDK paper
  • Final year students may use a part of their thesis
  • The submitted TDK paper once developed further can be submitted as your thesis
  • Monetary reward for placing
  • Acquiring professional and research experience
  • Acknowledgment that counts towards your Masters preliminary exam

  • There is no precondition for TDK participation (BA & MA students are all welcome)
  • Several students can cooperate in writing a TDK paper
  • The same author can submit more than one paper to the conference (in Hungarian or English)
  • You can participate in the TDK conference every year
  • You are allowed to ask for help from an external company