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Budapest Business School

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Budapest Business School
University of Applied Sciences
Knowledge sharing and inspiration
In addition to the many Bachelor's and Master's programmes, BBS has been offering a doctoral programme related to entrepreneurship development since 2019. This topic also plays a prominent role in our scientific activities and as such, we are continuously researching the most important issues affecting the SME sector. In addition to scholarly publications, we bring our results closer to the stakeholders in the industry, entrepreneurs and policy-makers by publishing, training, sharing good practices and organising events. 

In 2017, we established the Budapest LAB Entrepreneurship Centre, which was developed to better understand Hungarian SMEs with the use of scientific tools, and which in turn also unites the University's efforts with respect to entrepreneurship development. We believe that higher education can do much to create and share useful knowledge for businesses and to inspire young people toward entrepreneurship, and we are confident that we have succeeded in creating a number of useful platforms and points of contact for our current and future partners. 


For students to fully understand the expectations of businesses and the opportunities and challenges of being an entrepreneur beginning already during their university years, we invite active, practising entrepreneurs to lecture in our courses. In our programmes, we strive for the practical development of entrepreneurial thinking and skills, as well as supporting solutions that combine learning with professional development. An excellent example of this is our Master of Entrepreneurship Development programme, where the students, many of whom are practising entrepreneurs, share their experiences. 

We pay special attention to the fact that in addition to writing in high-quality scientific publications, the research results should also be presented for entrepreneurs and business planners in an easy-to-use, practical manner. Which is why we turn them into readable articles for our online magazine and for the media at large. Articles based on the research of the Budapest LAB have already been published in many well-known media, from K&K Magazine to Forbes. 

Additionally, in the spring of 2020, in connection with the coronavirus epidemic, but looking beyond that, we created a platform to make the intellectual products of the members of our inner community available to each other and to the outside world, collecting voluntary personal donations. In line with our strategic goals and areas of focus, several of our materials on the site are related to entrepreneurship development. The published content is free to read, view and download - the goal is for as many people as possible to benefit from the knowledge created at BBS.

At BBS, we organise a number of events of all sizes for entrepreneurs, and in addition, our experts often give lectures and hold trainings for our external partners in close cooperation with them. In recent years, we have presented at the Világgazdaság Family Business Conference, the Smart Budapest Conference and Workshop of the Budapest Enterprise Agency, and at the joint SME Capital Financing Conference of Portfolio and Highventures. Below are some highlighted examples of the diversity of our events. 

  • Family Business Day 

In cooperation with K&K Magazine, we regularly organise full-house conferences for family business leaders, attracting more than a hundred company executives. The practical and interactive events provide an opportunity for the relevant BBS research results to be communicated to the stakeholders in a comprehensible way, so that they can utilise them to run their organisations more successfully. In addition, the events provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs to prepare for the challenges of business transfer by learning from each other’s experiences. This series will continue soon. We hope to see you on the next occasion! 

  • Knowledge sharing events of international projects

In recent years, BBS has participated in many international collaborations related to the topic of entrepreneurship development (ERASMUS + Partnership), which you can read more about HERE. The projects covered topics such as the sustainability and growth of family businesses, generational change issues and business mentoring, among others. One of the most significant benefits of these collaborations is that the knowledge accumulated is returned to those involved in several ways. We will partially publish the developed e-learning materials and organise open, free events for those interested. Events are updated continuously HERE.

  • StartLab Entrepreneurs’ Club

The StartLab Entrepreneurs’ Club, a series of events organised monthly by BBS Budapest LAB, also supports the goal of our University to provide inspiration and valuable knowledge to young people about entrepreneurship. The aim of the Club is to help university students who are entrepreneurs, business planners and those interested in entrepreneurship, to gain experience, build relationships and build communities. Each month the guest of StartLAB is a successful entrepreneur, and students have the opportunity to talk casually and honestly with them about their experiences and what entrepreneurship is really like.  

  • Start-up Dispute powered by Budapest LAB 

In 2019, as part of the Start-up Safari series of events, we organised a so-called Start-up Dispute, which is a fast-paced, moderated debate. In this exciting format, which is not well known in Hungary, two teams argue the pros and cons of a particular professional issue. The two teams, led by experts from the Budapest LAB and key players in the ecosystem, take part in a fun, yet meaningful discussion.

Budapest LAB Entrepreneurship Centre

The Budapest LAB Entrepreneurship Center, which was established in 2017, is the unifying organization of activities and aspirations related to entrepreneurship development at BBS. As an organisational unit under the control of the Vice-Rector responsible for this area, its tasks and operation also extend across the Faculties. The Centre works to familiarise Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises with the scientific tools necessary to deliver the results of research, and to take the resultant shortcomings and problems revealed through the research and turn them into usable knowledge, information and educational materials, thereby directly helping the sector’s operations and development. As one of BBS’s Centres of Excellence, LAB focuses in particular on inspiring potential young entrepreneurs, supporting start-ups and increasing the current low entrepreneurial propensity. Budapest LAB is also at the forefront of initiating and implementing the events listed above. With the help of its publications and online magazine, it also shares the accumulated knowledge related to entrepreneurship in an interesting and consumable way. 

If you would like to know more about Budapest LAB, click HERE.