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Faculty of Commerce, Hospitality and Tourism


Faculty of Commerce, Hospitality and Tourism
Budapest Tourism Club

The Budapest Tourism Club (BTC) is a student organisation that, with its corporate-like structure, helps its members to prepare for the workplace challenges they face and provides them with practical, tangible knowledge that will help them stand out from the ranks of the labour market.

The Budapest Tourism Club, for short BTC, is a student organization that helps its members to prepare for the awaiting challenges at work with its corporate-like structure and it provides practical knowledge that will help them stand out from the ranks of the labour market.

Moreover, our goal is to show you a wide range of opportunities that are available with a degree in Tourism. Also, we would like you to realize which field you are interested in regarding a fairly wide and varied range of job opportunities. Naturally, if someone would like to start a business or implement their ideas about tourism or hospitality then they can find constructive topics, courses, and relations for themselves in our organization as well.

Once you will be a newly admitted member in any semester, besides professional improvement and useful practical knowledge, you can gain an inspiring community of motivated students. We offer you the opportunity to make the most of yourself and your university experience through your personal development and to make use of the knowledge in a practical way that you acquired in class, or rather to develop new soft skills as a member of the organization’s three Terminals – Marketing, HR and Event Management.

For the members, we organize internal courses, company visits, and training sessions in tourism, hospitality, hotel management, gastronomy, or regional improvement. Organizing our public events offer the opportunity for personal development for those members who are interested in event management.

The Talent Program is a four-semester long practice-oriented training system, which can be manageable during university studies. With this you can find the most likable career path for your taste such as: winery, event management or even aviation. So, if you learn something at university you can try it in practice right away. Because of our collaboration with different companies, for example Four Seasons Hotel Budapest, you can participate in interesting projects with them semester by semester.

Once every semester those who are interested in us can visit our Introduction Night, where they can get to know us even closer/better. After that – the newly admitted members – can participate in an involvement camp, which helps them to create a great community. Every semester there are several public events, which can be visited by everyone, who is interested in the current topic of the event. The themes of these events are usually about tourism and hospitality.

Additionally, if you join us, we organise internal courses, company visits, and training sessions in tourism and hospitality four our members. Besides all that, we make sure you can participate in better and better community-building programs.

The BTC is part of the Youth Business Group, which means it’s part of the biggest college student focused talent pool in Hungary. Therefore, as a member you can participate in intersectional projects, which means that you will work together with other student organization’s members from other universities with other specialties.

You can apply to us, if... 

  1. You are a full-time student, who is in her/his first or second grade. 
  2. You are interested in tourism, hospitality or event management. 
  3. You would like to improve yourself in many different ways. 

And last but not least, you are eager to be able to do something better for your future and you would like to be part of a loving and exceptional community.