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BBS Students' page

Budapest Business School

BBS Students' page
Budapest Business School
Budapest Business School
BBS Subject and course registration process

At the beginning of each semester in the Neptun system, you will have the opportunity to sign up for prescribed or recommended subjects and courses according to your Sample Curriculum, which you can access at the Studies/ Sample Curriculum_Listings, which are arranged according to the recommended semester.

Enrollment is possible for you during the enrollment period. We will draw your attention to this period via a Neptun message.

More information:

During course enrollment, you should consider the following:

  • Should I take courses in the compulsory subjects in the curriculum now? You must complete the compulsory subjects in the sample curriculum at some point during your studies, but not necessarily in the semester indicated in the curriculum. You can deviate from the recommended semester, but be aware that if you pick them up later, your overall study time may even be extended and it may take you longer to complete your degree.
  • Which electives should I add? For electives, you must complete a certain number of credits before being allowed to take electives, but which electives you take is completely up to you.
  • Which scheduled time periods should I choose? The subjects are generally taught in several groups, so you have the opportunity to choose between different scheduled time periods, depending on the capacity of the course.

If you are taking a subject for the second or third time, you will have to pay a subject re-enrollment fee, which will be announced centrally afterwards (an exam course also counts as a subject re-enrollment). If you do not pay the fee, you will not be allowed to take the exam.

The course enrollment procedure is as follows:

The process begins by selecting the Subjects / Subject Enrollment option. The subjects being offered in the semester can be found on this interface.

It is important to pay attention to the settings:

  • To set up the semester - by selecting the appropriate one.
  • “Sample Curriculum Subjects” checked.
  • "Sample Curriculum" - "all", "Subject group" - "all", "Language" - "all" marks should be included.
  • Start and end of time period: no marking.
  • Check mark: announced course.
  • It is recommended to set the page setting to 500.

Click on “List” to see all the items you can choose from. They can be sorted either in alphabetical order by subject name / subject code or even by the recommended semester.

Once you are at the subject you want to enroll in, clicking on the word Enroll will display the courses advertised for the subject, from which you must choose. In the case of a first-time enrollment, a normal course can be chosen, which can be either theoretical or practical. For many subjects, both types of courses must be taken and if you miss enrolling in one of them, the Neptun system will warn you. If you received a signature in a given subject during the previous semester, but did not pass the course, you need to choose an exam course! If you were denied a signature was when you previously enrolled in the subject, you will need to take the full course a second time.

You also have the option to co-ordinate your classes, in which case we recommend trying the Timetable Planner on the Subjects / Subject Enrollment page.

If you missed enrolling in a subject during the registration week, you will only be able to take a subject by paying a special procedural fee, and by submitting a subsequent application for subject enrollment to those courses who still have vacancies.

If you cannot register for a subject due to lack of space, you can apply for another course with available space or submit a course extension request through the Neptun system.

If a course has not been announced/offered in the given semester, but you would like to request it to be offered, you can submit a course start application via the Neptun system.

FCHT – Student registration for courses and related information on dates and times

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