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BBS Students' page
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Volunteering in BBS

Higher education legislation provides an opportunity for student to participate in voluntary activities instead of optional subjects. By volunteering, you can contribute to the development of your personality and skills while doing an activity that is beneficial to an organization, community, or individual. 

At BBS as regards the collection of credits, we consider it a voluntary activity that has the following characteristics:  

  • Not related to any kind of financial renumeration; 
  • has an identifiable beneficiary; 
  • the beneficiary is an individual, community or non-profit-making organisation or public institution;  
  • the work performed can be measured in time, and performance can be assessed in terms of quality. 

At BBS to obtain a study credit 15 hours (15x60 minutes) of voluntary activity must be demonstrated. The amount of credits assigned to optional subjects in the curriculum can be earned on a voluntary basis in a given course. 

In any given course, as many credits can be exchanged by voluntary activity as the amount of credit allocated to the elective subjects in the curriculum (this is typically 9-12 credits in undergraduate programs and 6 credits in masters' programs). 

Voluntary activity can only be accepted with the appropriate certificate, which can be found on the Neptun login page. To make this recognised, you must submit a request to the Study Committee.  

The application must be submitted at the end of the semester in which the student has completed the appropriate number of hours. The duration of the voluntary activity may be longer than one semester, the number of hours may be aggregated, but at least 15 hours (1 credit) must be submitted by 25th of January and 25th of August, respectively. 

The application van be submitted by clicking on the “+” in the subject line of the Volunteer Activity (ONEG1VA01) in the Studies/Sample Curriculum menu and selecting the “Submit Application” option. 

The document certifying the voluntary activity must be attached when filling in the application.