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A 15 legjobb tanulmány a Prosperitas Juniorban
Hamarosan megjelenik a 2. Nemzetközi Fenntarthatósági Tudományos Konferencia 15 legjobb tanulmánya a Prosperitas Junior folyóiratban

A 2. Nemzetközi Fenntarthatósági Tudományos Konferencián bemutatott több mint 90 tanulmány közül az összegyetemi Tudományos Bizottság kiválasztotta a 15 legjobbat, amelyek a Prosperitas Junior folyóiratban jelennek meg. A többi tanulmány pedig a konferenciakötetben lesz olvasható. Mindenkinek gratulálunk, büszkék lehettek az eredményekre, mi büszkék vagyunk rátok! 


Congratulations to the following participants from our International Scientific Conference on Sustainability 2019, for having their academic research paper selected for publication in the Prosperitas Junior Journal in Hungary. For some of you, this is your first publication. Either way, you should be very proud of your accomplishment!

The x15 best papers, as determined by our Scientific Committee, are as follows (in no specific order):

  1. Huszsain Ashfaq – “Revival of Dirty Lakes in Delhi, India - A Step Towards Global Water Sustainability
  2. Bence Balázs and Máté Tóth – “Sustainability Culture of BBS ZFBA”
  3. Melcher Noémi – “Ageing Populations, Medical Robotics, Prospects for the Future”
  4. Marina Yarantseva – “Biophilic Cities as A Key to Sustainability: A Case Study of Oslo”
  5. Bulgamaa Urangoo – “Private Sector Engagement for WASH: The Case of Mongolia”
  6. Juhász Eszter – “Stop Wasting Water!”
  7. Marie Schank – “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – The “Three R’s” of Sustainable Food Packaging”
  8. Anna Giunone Giannuzzi and Riccardo Luciano De Vita – “Plastic Marine Pollution”
  9. Eleonóra Nérel and Péter Gáspár – “Sustainability Ranking, Prizes and The Consumer Opinion”
  10. Michaël Zimmermann – “Main Advantages and Drawbacks of Fare Free Public Transport for Sustainable Cities”
  11. Wiseman Msomi – “Employment & Economic Growth: The Hindering Factors Towards Sustainable Development”
  12. José Siqueira Campos Filho – “Demand-side Management Possibilities in Sustainable Energy Systems: A Case Study in the Bükkalja Region, Hungary”
  13. Belényesi Gábor – “Analysis of Execution Of “Reuse” Prescription Set Forth by the 2012 WEEE Directive in Hungary”
  14. Viviána Anna Végh – “Sustainable or Sustainababble?”
  15. Csenge Krisztina Szabó and Dávid Sütő – “Organisational Sustainability - Motivations in a Semi-Volunteer Student Organisation”

Thank you to the Professors on the Scientific Committee at Budapest Business School for reviewing the final, submitted papers, and for trying their level best to provide an equal opportunity for publication. The Committee reached their decision after taking into consideration the research methodology used by the participants and the relevance of their topic, together with other judgements and evaluation criteria.

It is our aim to have this journal published before Autumn 2019.

To the other participants, we wish to remind you that all academic papers will be published in a separate Proceedings Book.

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