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Japanese day - Onigiri Action!


A KVIK-en tanuló japán hallgatók november 5-én 13.00-13.30 között műsort adnak a Színes közösségi térben a Japán kultúra napja és a magyar-japán diplomáciai kapcsolatok 150. évfordulója alkalmából. A könyvtár által kezdeményezett program célja, hogy elősegítse a külföldi diákok bemutatkozását, egymás jobb megismerését. A kulturális és kulináris élmények után sor kerül a könyvtári kvíz eredményhirdetésére is.



• The 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Hungary and Japan in 2019
• Introduction to Onigiri (“rice ball” in Japanese)
• Onigiri Action campaign (Table For Two USA)

On 5th November, we (Mizuki Hirano, Yukito Konno, Jyuri Haratake, Natsuki Ogido) are planning to host an event called “Japanese day” at BGE Alkotmány campus - Szines community hall, celebrating the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Hungary and Japan.

We would like to introduce our food culture, focusing on Onigiri (“rice ball” in Japanese) because it is considered “a Japanese soul food”. It has a long history and it is still popular among all generations and a must item for school lunch.

In addition, there is a unique campaign called “Onigiri Action” which is held by Table For Two USA, an American non-profit organization that started in Japan and now expanding globally. At the event, by making or purchasing Onigiri, taking photos, and posting them on the official website or SNS (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) with #Onigiri Action, for each photo, we can deliver 5 school meals to children in need through Table For Two. The campaign for this year started on 7th October and lasts until 20th November.

The aim of this event is to offer more international interaction to BGE students by talking about Japanese food culture and to get them to be aware of global issues and have them take action to help children who are suffering from hunger in the world by participating in Onigiri Action.

We also believe that the 150th anniversary of our diplomatic relations should be celebrated on a large scale, and even Princess Kako, a niece of Emperor Naruhito, visited Budapest last month (September 2019) to mark the anniversary. This year is the best timing for us to host the Japanese day.

At the end of the event, we will demonstrate how to make Onigiri and offer giveaways. Please feel free to come to our event and let’s help children in need by making Onigiri together.

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