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On the homescreen right-click the network icon and select „Open network Preferences” option.

Click + to add a new network access. Fill out the data under the picture below. (Interface: VPN,

VPN Type: IPsec L2TP, Service Name: BGE-VPN)

On the link you have created, fill out the fields with your own login information.

Configuration: Default, Server address:

Fill out the login data fields with your own login details:

  • If you have university e-mail address=  0365 user account  registered at Budapest Business School, enter it as a username, We would like to draw your attention, that University does not accept O365 user account registered by other way( not ending with
  • If you have not registered= you do not have university e-mail address, than use the following form: mail address

After filling the fields press the „Advanced".

In the window which opens, select all three markers and click OK.

Go back to "Network" and press "Authentication settings” button. Select „Password” and Shared secret  notation. Int he „Password” field you have to write your password for you university address and into the shared secret field you have to write the code provided int he reply to the authorization  request by e-mail. Click OK

Return to „Network” surface and click the Apply button. After this „Status” may be „Connected  to the VPN connection you have set up.


If the connection does not happen automatically , than click the „Connect” button in the „Network „ window.

If you want to see the menu bar if it is connected to a given VPN network, tick the option „Show VPN status in the menu bar".

Than launch your web browser. While this connection is active you may not be able to  view some special webpages. If every settings were successful eg. on the side of Ebscohost the BBS subtitle will be displayed.

When done, use the databases to disconnect.

In the case of question.

If you have any problems while setting up or using the services, please write to the following e-mail address: with the Neptun code and Faculty with a detailed description of the error.(by attaching a screenshot)

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