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Bright Business Solutions - BBS International Case Challenge,



BBS launches a “Team Challenge” for students. The competition is open to our undergraduate and graduate students (BSc/MSc) enrolled in our programmes offered in foreign languages. Teams of three international students are encouraged to participate in this unique event hosted by Budapest Business School University of Applied Sciences International Relation Centre. It is strongly encouraged that the teams put forward a multidisciplinary, multi-national team.


Title of BBS Case Challenge: Marketing of Sustainable Tourism in the Balaton region – Challenges of COVID-19



  • Improving professional and cultural skills of students at our undergraduate or graduate programmes offered in a foreign language
  • Collaboration, networking, integration of BBS international students



  • Special prizes
  • Professional Experience
  • Networking opportunity, meeting other students, sharing cultures and knowledge



Round 1

  • Team assignment submission via email (PowerPoint, 10-15 slides, max. 5 MB) to
  • deadline: 19 October 2020, 23.59 CET
  • deadline: feedback for students: 27 October 2020
  • Registration:



Round 2 - Final

  • Teams that scored the most points get in Final “A” and teams with the next most points will compete in Final “B”
  • Presentation of your team assignment in front of a professional jury and the audience (10 minutes for the presentation + 5 minutes for questions, teams are encouraged to use PowerPoint or Prezi presentations including creative solutions, videos etc.)
  • Jury: Managers of supporting companies and BBS professors
  • Date: 3 November 2020, from 15.00 to 19:00 CET
  • Venue: Microsoft Teams



  • The winner of Final “A”: 150 000 HUF, 2nd place 120 000 HUF, 3rd place 90 000 HUF
  • Corporate internship position subject to the offers of Jury members
  • Offered grade 5 (A) for all Final “A” participants from one subject of the semester

         (must be agreed with the course leaders and the organisers)

  • Official BBS Certificate of participation

BBS student competition 2020

Marketing of Sustainable Tourism in the Balaton Region -

Challenges of Covid-19


Case study


The currently on-going pandemic had profound effects on sustainability: both in a positive and in a negative manner. While, for example, tourism was one of the worst hit economic sectors, related CO2 emissions have also dropped dramatically. During the times of lock-down our cities could breathe up: urban air quality has not been so good for decades, and levels of noise and accidents have diminished.

While many of the currently introduced measures and social norms may be temporary, as new customs and habits get affirmed, in a post-COVID era there is a high risk that positive effects will dissolve, and negative effects will stay. For example, levels of private motorised transport are likely to grow further at the expense of sustainable travel modes (e.g. train or local public transport).

The Balaton region has recently made great progress. You can find more details at the following links:

Just like in all tourist destinations, this year’s pandemic has profoundly impacted tourist service providers in the Balaton region also. While in the end local tourism partially recovered, there is a great need to develop new touristic products and services in the Balaton region that adapt better to the new health situation and that are more quality-oriented and environmentally sustainable.

It is also extremely important to note that the role of online channels has become stronger, especially as a result of the virus, as the #stayhome movement has affected all individuals and companies very strongly. Therefore, taking advantage of online channels, it is worth giving space to every opportunity to introduce and communicate new services.


Your task


You are commissioned to provide communications support to move the region’s tourism towards more economic and environmental sustainability. Your task is:

  1. Create a secondary research on selected touristic service or product and potential projects (places, events, local governmental projects, potential green and sustainable solutions, etc.)


  1. Identify a market niche - Find a market niche and briefly describe one corresponding touristic service or product that you think is the most Covid-proof and environmentally sustainable.
    I.e. focusing on eco-tourism and green solutions, which provide more personalised, creative and quality services to small groups of visitors. (places, events, local governmental projects, potential green and sustainable solutions, etc.)


  1. Develop a communications strategy:

Design the skeleton of your strategy. Create the table of contents of your strategy and describe each item in a bullet-point style.

(Focusing on topics such as the results of market research, target audiences, key messages, selected communication channels, impact monitoring and analysis, GDPR compliance, budget sources, timeline, responsible persons for implementation, periodic reporting, connection to other city strategies, appendices, online communication channels, creative, attention-grabbing ideas for appearances on online channels, etc.)


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