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Faculty of International Management and Business


Faculty of International Management and Business
Dr. Judit Szilágyi
Department of International Relations
Senior lecturer
Dr. Judit Szilágyi
  • Office:1165 Budapest, Diósy L. u. 22-24.
  • Building:Building D, 2nd Floor, Room 24
  • Phone:+36 1 467-7800
  • Internal extension:836


My name is Dr Judit Szilágyi, I have graduated from the Corvinus University of Budapest with a double major in economics and international relations. I have received my PhD degree from the same university, in the multidisciplinary studies of international relations. My doctoral dissertation was focused on the shifts in global economic and political power and the elements behind the success of the Chinese model. I became devoted to my research area while spending six years as a research fellow at the Institute of World Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the first three years of the period with the young researcher scholarship of the Academy. More recently I got a chance to further engage with different aspects of the Asian developmental models and several dimensions of social studies through research projects and conferences of the Oriental Business and Innovation Center of the Budapest Business School. During the Spring semester of the 2018-2019 academic year I was awarded by the OBIC with a research scholarship that I spent at the Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto, Japan, thus also giving me a chance to develop my perspectives about education and gain further experience in an international environment.; At our university, I am engaged mainly in the English language programs, both at the bachelor’s and the master’s levels, and mostly in the International Studies and International Economics and Business masters programs. I also regularly have the honor to tutor talented students, who have been giving me constant motivation by their enthusiasm and have been awarded prizes at several institutional and national scientific competitions. My teaching philosophy and methodology gives special attention to integrating and developing the wide range of values and knowledge of the diverse background of my students. The Hungarian term for “students” calling them “listeners” tells it all, also showing how much more potential we have via creating a mutually inspiring learning environment and encouraging active, critical and non-judgemental participation. I truly believe that this is the best way to engage in the process that we might also call lifelong learning and acquire those skills and abilities that can be genuinely useful in our professional and even private lives. I fully subscribe to the experience-based learning philosophy of the BGE and by constantly enriching, reshaping and targeting my knowledge and methodology, I try to keep my classes to the highest possible standards and at the same time enjoyable, varied and fun.

Office Hours

Hourspáratlan hét kedd 15:30-17:00 odd weeks Tuesday 15:30-17:00/ páros hét szerda 13:45-15:15 páros hét szerda 13:45-15:15 even weeks Wednesday 13:45-15:15
Comment e-mailben történő előzetes egyeztetés alapján / prior consultation by email is required

Subject(s) taught

  • The Peculiarities of the Social, Political and Economic Development of the States of East Asia (Hungarian)
  • The Development History and Institutional System of European Integration (Hungarian)
  • Diplomacy in the European Union (Hungarian and English)
  • Master Thesis Seminar A (English)
  • EU Competences and Policies (Hungarian)
  • Current Political Issues and Development Trends in Europe (English)
  • European Integration Processes (English)
  • European History and Culture (Hungarian and English)
  • Globalisation and Globalisation Critiques (English)
  • The Political History of Eastern and Central Europe in the 20th Century (Hungarian and English)
  • International Security Systems (English)
  • Theory of International Relations (Hungarian and English)
  • International Relations and Institutions (English)
  • Economics of Regional Integrations (English)
  • Economics of Regional Integrations (Hungarian and English)
  • Understanding Central Europe (English)
  • Us Studies (Hungarian and English)

Professional career

  • 2004-2012International Business School, lecturer
  • 2006-2012Institute of World Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, research fellow
  • 2006-2009young researcher scholarship of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • 2008-2013Budapest Business School, College of International Management and Business, assistant lecturer
  • 2013Budapest Business School, College of International Management and Business, assistant professor
  • 2015Corvinus University of Budapest, PhD degree
  • 2019Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan, research scholarship of the Oriental Business and Innovation Center of the Budapest Business School

Research areas

  • shifts in global economic and political power
  • questions and challenges of the US-China relationship
  • models of the Asian developmental state and several aspects of the developmental state
  • elements of the Belt and Road Initative and its impacts