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Budapest Business School


Budapest Business School
Budapest Business School

BBS – For everyday innovation

Thanks to the value-creating work of our community and our more than 17,000 students, BBS has now become the number one business university in Hungary. Our mission is to work for everyday innovation: as a university of applied sciences with an international focus, our flexible and responsive team will train future responsible professionals. We create timeless and imminently useful knowledge by continuously co-operating with our business and social partners, as well as relying on the most up-to-date developments.

We believe that an excellent higher education institution is an evolving organization open to continuously improving its own operations, and which not only builds on traditions, but also changes and encourages others to change. As a university committed to supporting domestic enterprises and increasing the entrepreneurial spirit, we are continuously researching our development and advancement opportunities in order to fulfill our above-mentioned mission and achieve our goals, both at home and on the international stage. Therefore, we consider it a prime opportunity to adjust the framework of our activities and the model of our operations in line with our goals, including major changes if necessary.

We see an increase in flexibility and competitiveness of higher education as one of the supporting tools of the model change. The new form of operation not only lies closer to the current strongly market-based operation and spirit of our university, but it can also create a more advantageous and dignified situtation which would allow our students, faculty and colleagues to unleash their talent and increase their performance.

A more flexible form of funding, organizational structure and regulatory environment can be a supportive basis for further improvement of the quality of education, research and the effectiveness of domestic and international partnerships. It can also contribute to increasing our social impact through the sharing and economic exploitation of the values we create.

With this vision, we are embarking on this path (link to the model change process), and will continue to work in the coming months - for the benefit of all University Citizens, as well as for the community at large.

Schedule of Model Change