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Budapest Business School

University of Applied Sciences

Budapest Business School
University of Applied Sciences
Vision and mission

BBS contributes to the development of the economy and society, through the high level training of the economic professionals of the future. Our goal is to provide our, approximately, 18,000 students, from more than 80 countries, with the knowledge required by the domestic and international labour market and which can be used in practice, while creating a supportive workplace for our excellent lecturers, researchers and non-teaching colleagues, while, at the same time, forming an inspiring community. 



To be Central Europe’s leading and internationally recognised business school.


Closely following market trends and research results, BBS operates in a transparent way to the benefit of its students and staff as well as to the advantage of businesses. With the help of its education and training programmes, the University equips students with up-to-date practical knowledge and skills as well as strong digital competencies. Upon completing their studies, BBS graduates are qualified enough to fulfil middle managerial positions internationally or to start their own businesses.

Strategic objectives

  1. In cooperation with businesses, the University trains students to become business professionals and entrepreneurs exhibiting practical knowledge and skills, strong digital competencies, and outstanding communication skills both in English and Hungarian and prepares students to be able to perform autonomous learning after graduation.
  2. The University conducts high-quality applied research and incorporates the results of such research into its education and training programmes making sure that its research is also suitable for use by businesses and other stakeholders.
  3. The University offers an engaging workplace for its staff and for young professionals with an international mindset.
  4. Through continuous developments in building and IT infrastructure as well as in digitalisation, the University offers efficient learning and job environments.
  5. The University strives to operate in a sustainable way, facilitates social mobility, ensures equal opportunities for students as well as supports active community life and healthy ways of living.