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Budapest Business School

University of Applied Sciences

Budapest Business School
University of Applied Sciences
Vision and mission
BBS contributes to the development of the economy and society, through the high level training of the economic professionals of the future. Our goal is to provide our, approximately, 18,000 students, from more than 80 countries, with the knowledge required by the domestic and international labour market and which can be used in practice, while creating a supportive workplace for our excellent lecturers, researchers and non-teaching colleagues, while, at the same time, forming an inspiring community. 



"For everyday innovation" - We are a university of applied sciences with a distinctly international scope, that develops responsible professionals of the future with our flexible and responsive team. We generate relevant knowledge, incorporating recent developments, through continuous collaboration with our social and business partners.


The leading applied university in Central Europe, which co-creates and shares relevant knowledge with the students, business partners (enterprises) and the society by building communities.

We operate along the following strategic lines:

Fostering student success: We strive to give our students the opportunity for their own development, which will enable them to adapt continuously over the coming years and decades, even through changes of profession, to develop their individual professional successes. As well as the University, the corporate sector also plays an active role in the development process. Development is also a shared responsibility, also required by the attitude of our students, that is, for everyone, the path to success leads through their own efforts and attitudes.

Applied research for business and social impact: We wish to increase the economic and social impact of our research, the number of our publications and their visibility on several levels. The enhancement of high-level and international scientific activity takes place to a large extent in the Centres of Excellence established by BBS. In the case of applied research, we wish to create useful knowledge in everyday life, if possible, alongside business partners, thus strengthening the applied scientific approach. Equally important to us is the development of quality education and talent management.

Partnership with enterprises: One of the basic goals of our university is not only to train professionals for domestic and international large companies and organizations, but also to get our students to graduate from BBS programmes as employers of both themselves and others, in accordance with the economic and social needs of the future. We present this approach not only in our programmes focused on business development, but also in all our other training and dissemination events.

Sustainable and responsible University: At the strategic level, we work consciously, through guidance and providing a good example, to contribute to a more sustainable future. The implementation of our Sustainability Strategy is managed by the Sustainability Council and its day-to-day operation is supported by the Sustainability Network consisting of members of the internal community. The focus areas are responsible for education and research, developing our internal community, strengthening our network of external stakeholders and taking responsibility for the natural environment.