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Budapest Business School

University of Applied Sciences

Budapest Business School
University of Applied Sciences
Dear Graduate Student! Welcome to BBS Alumni!


The Budapest Business School has a history of about 160 years. Due to its unique history - its direct legal predecessor BBS was established in the year 2000 with the integration of 3 successful higher education institutions and it has been operating as a university since 2016 - many graduates from various fields of economics have emerged from within its walls.

We are proud that the recipients of diplomas at BBS and its predecessor institutions are the most recognised and sought-after professionals in the Hungarian labour market, and many of them are leading figures in Hungarian society and economy.

It is important to us that our graduate students remain members of our community with whom we can continually nurture our professional and human relationships. Our goal is to provide an opportunity and a community space for our former students to keep in touch, for lifelong learning.

You should join our community because, in addition to reconnecting with friends you have not seen for some time, you can further expand your friendships and professional relationships. From our newsletter, you will be regularly informed about the outstanding events and news of BBS life and you can take part in interesting and exciting university events - annual faculty Alumni Meetings and scientific, cultural and educational programmes.

Also, don’t forget! If you are our graduate, your child can study at BBS with fees 10 per cent cheaper than the current ones!

To join, fill out and return to us the application form which automatically makes you a member of the Alumni community.

Join the BBS Alumni community! Find your former programme companions in the Alumni community, meet new people, expand your professional relationships!