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Budapest Business School

University of Applied Sciences

Budapest Business School
University of Applied Sciences
Student opportunities
Budapest Business School - University of Applied Sciences, in addition to having an extensive international network, which includes cooperation with educational and non-educational institutions, also provides students in Budapest with a high level of opportunities to learn and develop in an international environment. 

1. Opportunities at BBS

Programmes in a foreign language

Bachelor programmes:

Business Administration and Management (in English)

Commerce and Marketing (in English and German)

Communication and Media Science (in English)

Finance and Accounting (in English)

International Business Economics (in English and French)

Tourism and Catering (in English and German)

Master programmes:

Tourism Management (in English)

International Relations (in English)

International Economy and Business (in English)

PhD programme:

Doctoral School of Entrepreneurship and Business (in English)

Business/professional language courses in 12 languages

Budapest Business School is the only Hungarian university of economics that has offered East Asian language courses for more than 30 years.

2. Opportunities with our foreign partners

Budapest Business School opens up new opportunities for its students. The University works with international organisations and partner institutions to provide its students worldwide opportunities and experiences. 

Areas of opportunity:

Forms of applications, trips:



Tempus Public Foundation


International Relations and Mobility Office

Our Erasmus partner institutions:

Faculty of Commerce, Hospitality and Tourism

Faculty of International Management and Business

Faculty of Finance and Accountancy