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Kari mentorprogramok

Faculty of Finance and Accountancy

In the first-year mentoring program, lecturers and senior students help you in your studies and with integration.

With a variety of programs and colourful lectures, they try to transfer as much knowledge as possible to help make your years at the university a success. Within the program, 70 to 80 senior students in each faculty, help newly enrolled students by answering any questions and providing as much support as possible from the beginning of your studies.

In 2019 the ‘Student Mentoring Program’ was launched at FFA. It was born out of the idea that first-year students entering the University, can be best supported, and most authentically, by senior students during the transition period between high school and higher education. The structure of the program is as follows: during the first semester, a team of FFA lecturers prepares 50-60 senior students, (mentors), on the most important topics related to university life. After the training sessions, the student mentors deal with the first-year students in small groups, giving them the opportunity to openly discuss difficulties and issues that may arise. In addition to helping first-year students build connections and relationships, as well helping them develop professionally and as individuals, the program also provides an opportunity for senior mentors to gain valuable experience that they can later use in their professional lives.

The integration of international students is supported by a demonstrator working alongside the international leader of the faculty, and is achieved primarily by organizing cultural and social activities and events. At the same time, it helps to set up a mentoring system to help the academic and cultural integration of international students. Its operational responsibilities also include: supporting international students in the management of official affairs, supporting tasks related to the study affairs of international students, and assisting in the organization of events.