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BBS Students' page
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Final exam
As the last step of completing your studies, you have to give an account of the skills, abilities, knowledge you have learned and their application in a final exam. 

The final exam will be decided by the supervisor during two years of your legal relationship or within two years of obtaining the final certificate, and after two years, after which the conditions can be taken. 

After 5 years after the termination of your employment, you will no longer be able to take the final exam. 


You can take the final exam if you have met the following conditions: 

  • you have obtained the final certificate, i.e. you have fulfilled the subject conditions prescribed in the curriculum of your speciality, i.e. you have fulfilled all the prescribed subjects, 
  • you have submitted your dissertation and it has been accepted by your reviewers. 


You must register for the final exam in the Neptun system! You will be informed about the application period and your tasks. 


The obligatory part of the final exam is the defence of the dissertation (final, thesis or diploma thesis), which includes the presentation of the results and the professional discussion based on it. A complex oral exam can also be organised as part of the final exam. The parts of the final exam and the calculation of your result are determined by the curriculum, which you can find.

FCHT - Activities concerning dissertation, project work and final exam

FIMB - Activites concerning dissertation, project work and final exam

FFA - Activites concerning dissertation, project work and final exam

If you have continued your studies in higher education, you must defend your internship report and dissertation in the final exam. 

If you get insufficient for the complex exam or to defend your dissertation, your final exam will fail, you will have to repeat it in the next final exam period! 

Following the announcement of the final exam result, if you feel you want a better result, you have the opportunity to signal to the committee members immediately or at the HSZO the next day at the latest that you want to improve. 

You can take the Repeat and Corrective Final Exam in the next final exam period. 

Method of calculating the result of the final exam: 

ER = (OR+DR)/2 


  • ER the cumulative result of the final examination 
  • OR the result of a complex oral examination passed in the final examination 
  • DR grade for the dissertation 


Issuance of a certificate 

You can request a certificate of completion of a successful Final Examination at the Student Services Office, which can be of two types, depending on whether you have the language requirements prescribed in your program or not, but neither of them certifies a degree or professional qualification (that can only be certified by a Diploma).

You will receive certification about your Diploma, which includes the qualification of the Diploma and information regarding the fact that the issuance of the Diploma is in progress.

You will receive a certificate of successful final examination provided you have the language requirements for the issuance. A diploma can only be issued to you upon proof of passing the required language exam, in which case the higher education institution will issue the diploma to you within the next 30 days.

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