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BBS Students' page

Budapest Business School

BBS Students' page
Budapest Business School
Budapest Business School
Information for graduating students

If you wish to improve your successful final examination, according to Section 70 (14) of the Requirement System of Students of BBS:” If a student intends to improve a successful final examination, they shall indicate that intention to the DE during the announcement of the result or on the first working day after the final examination and that fact must be entered into the final examination records. Simultaneously, the taken final examination shall entirely lose its validity.

Application for the final exam

Dear Student,

Please be informed that the application period for the final exams of June 2022 will be open for students wishing to complete their studies in June from

 30 March 2022 (8:am) - 12 April (midnight)

For those who miss the deadline above, there will be another application period between

13 – 15 April 2022 (midnight), by paying a service fee.

You can apply by following the next steps: log into Neptun -> Administration -> Final exams.

Please keep in mind that the application for the final exam must be done by the student in the additional application period, too. After the period is closed, a service fee of 3500 Ft will be transcribed automatically in Neptun. The Student Information Office will check if the payment was fulfilled.

Best regards:

Student Information Office

Request for confidentality for thesis

Dear Students,

The request for confidentiality for the thesis can be submitted at the Student Service Office or electronically if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • the request is sent to us from the manager’s email address and is signed by the manager
  • the email contains the student’s name and the title of his/her thesis
  • the signed and scanned request is attached to the email

Please send the request to Kisváriné Svetz Zsuzsanna:

Submission period ands 11 April 2022.

Those students who miss this deadline can submit the request from 

12 to 20 April 2022, by paying a service fee of 3,500 Ft

Students who submit the request between 21 April 2022 – 2 May 2022, 23:59 will have to pay 3,500 Ft / day.

Request for confidentiality »

The „request for confidentiality” must be supperted by reasons. The „request for confidentiality” can not be applied, if the dissertation thesis contains data, information stemming from public sources, or otherwise includes generic statements. The reasoning must be elaborated in min. 4000 characters (with spaces) where the nature of the concerned information must be qualified in terms of its neccesity in the thesis.

Guidelines on Thesis preparation - Final exam in June 2022

Final exam topics

The final exam consists of two parts in the bachelor and master programmes in the 2020/2021 spring semester:

a)  the defense of the thesis work,

b)  a discussion about professional issues learnt in the BsC/MsC education program, focusing primarily on the thesis work and on two particular topics indicated in the thesis work evaluation.

This time you will not receive any additional questions related to the thesis work, but you will have a professional discussion with the members of the Thesis Defence Committee, as mentioned in point b.).

Thesis help

Databases, examples, references on the website of our Library.

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