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Budapesti Gazdasági Egyetem

Budapesti Gazdasági Egyetem

Budapesti Gazdasági Egyetem
Budapesti Gazdasági Egyetem
2021. január 19.
Megatrends in Asia: Digitalization Security and Foreign Policy Implications - conference call

Within the framework of the OBIC International Conference 2021, the annual OBIC PhD Conference will be also organized at the same time and in the same way, to which OBIC gladly invites PhD students whose research fields are related to the topic.

 The title of the PhD conference:

“Megatrends in Asia”: Changing Societies and Economic Development
Technical, Sociological, Economic and Political Shifts in East Asia

The Call for Papers for the OBIC PhD Conference 2021 is available HERE.

Conference website:

Feel free to disseminate this call within your faculties and among your partners.

May you have any question, do not hesitate to contact the organizers at