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Business relations - We shape our future

The Budapest Business School and we, the staff and faculty of the university, are proud that our students speak highly of the practical training provided by the Faculty.

BBS, as a university of applied sciences (and within it the FCHT), is strongly committed to practice-oriented education. Thus, all the Bachelor's programmes at our Faculty offer such courses.

How do we achieve all this?

Numerous examples in recent years have shown that the cooperation between FCHT and companies operating under market conditions is invaluable to both parties. Today, our domestic and foreign corporate partners offer our students a wide range of opportunities to gain practical experience. We are proud to be able to mention among our corporate partners the names of such large companies as SPAR Hungary Trade Ltd, Auchan Hungary Trade Ltd, Danubius Hotels Group, Neckermann Travel Agency, or Európa Event Organiser Ltd.

What does this cooperation give the two parties? 

For the companies that cooperate with BBS FCHT, the possibility of having the best students from FCHT as interns at the end of their university years, helping companies to run their operations under favourable conditions, is very attractive. For the companies, this means fresh impetus, fresh knowledge, and a highly qualified potential employee pool for the future. 

Delegated staff from companies can act as mentors to acquire first-hand knowledge concerning the attitudes of young people just entering the labour market, so that they can successfully integrate the new generation of workers into their organisational culture and develop a more effective retention strategy by understanding young people's expectations. 

According to the managers of the cooperating companies, we can also say that the colleagues they delegated as instructors were strongly motivated by this opportunity, because it also meant a clear moral and professional recognition - and it reinforced their commitment to the company. 

The companies’ sponsorship activities reach a relatively large audience, which has a positive impact on their reputation from a PR perspective. By sponsoring university events, the names of the sponsoring companies are "burned" into the minds of students, thus engaging them in the long-term consumption of the company's products and services. This can also, if used in the right way, be an opportunity for recruitment. 

In the framework of the courses included in the project, students can carry out primary research in the market, the results of which are jointly analysed and evaluated. Not only does this save resources on the corporate side, but it also creates new opportunities to better serve consumer needs by learning new professional insights. 

Our instructors are present in leading professional organisations, such as the Association of Hungarian Hotels and Restaurants, the National Association of Tourism and Hospitality Employers, and the National Association of Rural Tourism. The faculty also has a strong advisory role in relevant government bodies.

In addition to the valuable theoretical knowledge, our students can gain a lot of experience, learn about new solutions, ideas, and good practices by having among our lecturers prominent representatives of the professions taught at the Faculty. Many of them are associate professors or professors emeritus/a of our Faculty

In addition to familiarising students with the working community, the traineeship is also of particular importance in that it gives them the opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge into practice, which demonstrates the usefulness of their knowledge.  

The professional guidance of our external consultants, who assist our graduates, provides the essence of the theses, and helps our students to structure the knowledge they acquire in a market-oriented way.

The aim of the student theses is for graduates to show how they have applied their knowledge in practice, which receives credible and invaluable feedback from corporate reviewers. It is also their academic and labour market test. 

Last but not least, good internships are a great way to enhance the value of the degree issued by our Faculty. 

Collaborating companies often have an innovative impact on our programmes and their content. Professional expectations from the market help us to provide our students with practical, usable, and value-creating knowledge. Our training must, therefore, meet the high professional demands of companies. The result of our efforts so far is that our graduates are in most cases able to find a job without any problems and are well placed in their workplace.

Through their professional and sponsorship contributions, our corporate partners also play an important role in the high-quality implementation of our faculty's important events.

To sum up, the main objective of our cooperation agreements with a significant number of companies and public institutions is to help students to enter the labour market, to educate future corporate professionals, to utilize the university's knowledge in the corporate and public sector, and to use the intellectual capacities of companies in university education, including through joint research, events, and conferences.

We thank our current partners for their commitment, and we are pleased to offer our cooperation to all companies and institutions that wish to become our partners in creating a high-quality future with their knowledge and other support.

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