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Faculty of Commerce, Hospitality and Tourism


Faculty of Commerce, Hospitality and Tourism
Publications & Journals

The journal was preceded by a volume of studies entitled Multidisciplinary Challenges, Diverse Responses, published regularly since 2012. In 2018, it was transformed into a journal, and it has undergone a number of changes since then. Our journal, completely renewed in terms of both content and form, invites papers in the field of economic and social sciences, based on empirical research, systematic review of literature, methodological developments, or a novel critical approach.

Methodological soundness is a minimum requirement for all studies.

Starting from the 2020/1. issue, the journal includes the following columns:

  • Study (A paper containing academic - empirical and/or theoretical - research results not yet published elsewhere.)
  • Workshop / good practice (A paper/case study containing creative and innovative solutions.)
  • Review (A professional summary, synthesis, or reflection on a particular field.)
  • Book review (A presentation of books and volumes of studies, both domestic and foreign, that may be of broad interest in the field of economics and social sciences.)

Our Editorial Board, which includes eminent representatives of the profession, places considerable emphasis on international exposure. The professional and scientific quality of our publication is guaranteed by the International Scientific Advisory Board.

All publications in our online journal have abstracts, keywords, and a code in Hungarian and English.

Articles/studies in our volumes are subject to double-blind proofreading.

Our publication is Open Access.

Topics are listed continuously. From 2020, we will have 4 issues per year.

The journal is currently being indexed

  • MTMT (Library of Hungarian Scientific Works)
  • MATARKA (searchable database of contents of Hungarian journals)
  • EHM (EPA-HUMANUS-MATARKA joint search engine)
  • CrossRef (our journal and articles have a DOI number, so they are included in the CrossRef database)
  • ProQuest
  • UlrichsWeb

The journal is archived

  • Repository of the Budapest Business School (BORY)
  • Electronic Periodicals Archive of the National Széchényi Library (EPA)
  • Repository of the Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (REAL, REAL-J)
  • Research Papers in Economics (RePEc)

More information about the journal is available at this link.

More information about the journal and previous publications can be found in the Open Journal Systems of Library and Information Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences at the following link.

NyelvVilág was created in 2004 as a professional publication of the Department of Languages for Business Communication of the Budapest Business School Faculty of Commerce, Hospitality and Tourism (BBS FCHT). From 2006, i.e., from the fourth issue, it has been published as a joint journal of the Institute of Foreign Languages and Communication of BBS and later BBS Faculties - Faculty of Commerce, Hospitality and Tourism, Faculty of International Management and Business, Faculty of Finance and Accountancy, Faculty of Economics Zalaegerszeg (2011-2020). 

The aim of NyelvVilág is to present the diverse activities of the Institute's lecturers, in addition to their strictly professional work. Our main columns are: Methodology, Linguistics, Pedagogical Psychology, Civilisation, Literature, World Travelers, as well as translations of poems, book reviews and reports on current professional events and conferences.  

Our periodical is published once a year, in September, in print and electronic form. In recent years, several thematic and foreign language issues have been published: Asturias-Asturias (in Hungarian and Spanish, 2006); Mexico: Indians (2007); English special issue (2010); German and Spanish special issue (2013); Asturias - 25 - Asturias (in Hungarian and Spanish, 2016); intercultural communication (English special issue, 2017). In 2014, on the tenth anniversary of the foundation of our periodical, we compiled a selection of articles published so far.  

NyelvVilág is not commercially available. A limited number of copies are available to libraries and educational institutions.

Founding editor-in-chief: Dr András Kéri (FCHT) 

Editorial committee: Judit Barthalos (FFA), Dr Gyula Hegedüs (FCHT), Dr Hukné Dr Szilvia Kiss (FIMB), Nikoletta Karl (FCHT), Ildikó Szendrői (FCHT) 

ISSN: 1786-0636 


Contact us: 1054 Budapest, Alkotmány Street 9-11, e-mail: 

Agy-A-Lap has been a faculty newspaper for BBS-FCHT students since 1990. The free publication is usually published monthly and is also available online or in print on the receptions of the Alkotmány and Markó Street buildings, in the faculty library and the Gyula Lengyel Hall of Residence. 

Our motto is: Inform and entertain. 

Our aim is to ensure that faculty students have access to up-to-date information and are as informed as possible about everything. It is important for us that students can gain new knowledge through the publication, read reports about the programmes at the faculty and get to know their peers studying in the same building. We also think it's important to add something extra to the content of the newspaper: mainly curiosities, new knowledge, good vibes; something that can help you relax and refresh between two lectures. Our recurring themes are culture, learning, being a student, current programs, university events, gastronomy, travel, life through the eyes of a student. 

Our aim is to be a news channel on campus, a link between student organisations and students. This newspaper is about us and for us. It is about you!

If you're interested, check out our previous issues: 


Contact details of the editorial office: 

Alkotmány Street 9-11., Ground Floor, Room 34.

After hiatus of a few years, the faculty newsletter has been published in a new, restructured form since 2016, under the title Faculty News. We are proud of our publication, as currently, only FCHT faculty members receive monthly updates on faculty events through our publication. Our newsletter is published monthly in electronic format, staff and the management receive it by e-mail, but since it is also uploaded to the website, it is available to those who log in to the faculty site. The staff is responsible for the content, which is illustrated with pictures, and most departments publish news regularly in the publication.  

According to our Ars poetica, our newsletter is not primarily about education, but about the events that help us fulfil our mission by enabling our teachers to learn and develop, and our students to gain additional experiences - professional and other - that reinforce their love and commitment to the profession and the feeling that it’s worth attending FCHT. 



  • Academic activity - research, conferences, teacher mobility 
  • Collaborations 
  • International relations 
  • Sustainability 
  • Faculty programs 
  • Professional events 
  • Professional events for students with students 
  • Achievements of our instructors 
  • Achievements of our students 
  • Department events 
  • Student events 
  • Publications 
  • Student Research Society news 
  • Economist Club news 
  • Károly Gundel College for Advanced Studies news 
  • Library news 
  • Career and Alumni Department news 
  • Labour news 
  • Program previews

We also continue to welcome news from anyone who thinks they have done, experienced something that needs to be shared with the community that can benefit the community, that is worth talking about.   

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