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Faculty of Commerce, Hospitality and Tourism


Faculty of Commerce, Hospitality and Tourism

In addition to professional programmes, we consider it important to enrich the daily life of students, teachers and staff with cultural events and programmes. Accordingly, our Faculty regularly organises cultural programmes, quizzes, gala evenings, charity fundraisers and we also have traditional annual events, which are attended by faculty, staff, and students alike. 


We are proud that many of our students, faculty, and staff are excellent instrumentalists, singers, dancers and have performed together at many of our events, making our events - such as the opening and graduation ceremonies and faculty Christmas - even more enjoyable.

Before the first Sunday in June, we traditionally organise a quiz for Teachers' Day, always with a topical theme. The questions are usually compiled by the lecturers of the Department of Pedagogy, but the event is often organised with the participation of the Dean's Office and the Career Office. Every year, the Student Union prepares a surprise for this day, with talented students performing prose and music pieces. It is also the occasion for the Dean's Commendations, which are awarded to students who have achieved excellent results in competitions and events in the previous period, and to lecturers and faculty staff who have done an outstanding job.

The staff of the International Mobility Office and the Career Office regularly organise quizzes about Hungary and Budapest for our foreign students, which are extremely popular among young people. 

FCHT and the Electronic Library established a tradition a few years ago by launching the highly successful “Bar of Chocolate” quiz series, the theme of which is almost always related to world days and holidays related to a given period. The aim of the game is for the quiz participants to learn interesting facts and have fun at the same time. The quiz is very popular with students, faculty, and staff. From those who submit the correct answers, the winner will be drawn by lot, and he or she receives a bar of chocolate. 

The Department of Languages for Business Communication organises an annual study tour, most often in the German-speaking world, with a rich cultural program, including visits to theatres, exhibitions, and museums. 

We regularly organise art competitions in several categories for talented students. This is managed by the lecturers of the Department of Methodology for Business Analysis. We decorate the corridors with the paintings and drawings of many of our talented students, several of our students enjoy writing short stories and poetry, as well as taking photographs and making videos. The Media Club, which is our student drama club, operates within the framework of the MITO Club. The Department also frequently organises events on sustainability. In these events, specialists and guest speakers give lectures, and those interested in the topic can take part in study trips. Every year we visit the Hungarian Academy of Sciences together to attend lectures, film screenings and exhibitions. Popular topics are aspects of the circular economy, or zero waste, but there has also been a thematic course on Japan with tea ceremony, kimono, and ikebana demonstrations.