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Faculty of Commerce, Hospitality and Tourism


Faculty of Commerce, Hospitality and Tourism
FCHT Student Union (KVIK HÖK)
As in all higher education institutions, our faculty has a Student Union, i.e. HÖK, whose members are students from the faculty. 

Our task is to represent the interests of the students attending BBS FCHT, to answer their questions, and to provide information about the university and higher education. Our goal is to make everyday life easier for students, to create a connecting link between our fellow students and the leadership of the university. 

We organise briefings and reception classes so that you can ask us questions in person about your scholarships or studies. We welcome your questions at any time regarding the above or any other topic affecting the University. 

In addition, we strive to make everyday university life more colourful and exciting with countless programs and events. Such as Freshers’ Camp, Freshers’ Ball, KVIKnik, many exciting performances and unmistakable university parties!

The Student Union has more than 60 members who are constantly working to make it all happen. Within the organisation, we work in sections, which are led by a presidential commissioner responsible for that section. 

The decision-making body of the HÖK is Congress, which currently consists of 23 people. You, the students of the faculty, have elected the current representatives on the basis of their application, which we thank you again! Their term of office is one year. 

The Student Welfare Committee (DJB) is affiliated to this organisation, as both the chairman and the members are from the mandated representatives. They account for almost 80% of the scholarships that can be applied for. Their task is to announce these scholarship applications, to evaluate the received applications, to provide information about them and to answer questions. 

The HÖK also includes the KOB, i.e. the Committee of Hall of Residence, which consists of elected representatives from the dormitory members and the director of the hall of residence. Their competence extends to commenting on all matters affecting dormitory members and participating in decisions on such matters. The members of the Admissions Committee of Hall of Residence decide on the admission of students to the hall of residence. They are also responsible for organising cultural, sporting and professional events for dormitory students. 


Márk Zoboki -

Vice President for General Affairs

Bianka Bozori -

Presidential Trustee for Communications

Laura Gerzsei -

Vice President of Academic Services

Kiara Réka Kulcsár -

Presidential Trustee for Institutional Events

Tamás Kupsza -

DJB President

Júlia Tóth -

Presidential Trustee for Programs

Gitta Zsuzsanna Wenczl -

Office: 1054 Budapest, Alkotmány u. 9-11, room no. 108/A 

Phone: +361 374 6221 or +361 374 6245




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