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Faculty of Finance and Accountancy


Faculty of Finance and Accountancy
Academic relations

Research and academic activities

The Faculty of Finance and Accountancy has an extensive research portfolio in the field of applied sciences. In our research projects, we primarily seek to create knowledge that can be directly translated into organisational practices, whether it is about other organisations or our educational activities. In addition to creating practical knowledge, we strive to produce high-quality publications from our research and make them available to the professional community in leading domestic and international journals.

The lecturers of our faculty play a significant role in the domestic and international scientific life. Many of our colleagues are members of the various scientific committees of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, certain committees of the Hungarian Rectors' Conference, and leading and opinion-forming representatives in international and domestic professional organisations. The proportion of qualified instructors in 2020 exceeded 50%.

An important part of our scientific activity is the development projects implemented in international cooperation, which are mainly decisive in the field of business development, succession of family businesses, responsible business and finances. In recent years, our Faculty has taken an active role in the following implemented EU and Erasmus strategic partnership applications: Trust Me, INSIST, ISSUE, FAME, MentorCert, INTEREST, EFFORT.

The faculty and researchers of the Faculty note a number of publications in international and Hungarian languages and hold hundreds of academic and professional conference presentations annually. The BBS FFA was organised in November 2019 as a professional forum and meeting of academic researchers, lecturers and practitioners within the framework of the Beyond Financial Reporting Conference. At the BGE's own scientific events, the PSZK actively participates not only in the organisation and holding of scientific lectures, but also in workshops and trainings.

The research results are also used in education: they appear in undergraduate, masters and postgraduate courses. As a result, new training programs and related materials, as well as new textbooks and notes, are constantly being created. In recent years, a number of textbooks, and notes have been created at the FFA, which are used in several universities in the country.

The two main areas of faculty talent management are the Students’ Research Societies and the Sándor Lámfalussy Students’ Academic Society. In addition to its specifically profession-specific training, the development of students' scientific thinking and research competencies is of paramount importance. The primary field for this is an academic student activity, in which students work on their own research projects under the guidance of their advisors. In recent years, the students of the Faculty have also successfully participated in the institutional and the National Scientific Student Conference.

There is a vocational college at the FFA, the Sándor Lámfalussy Students’ Academic Society. It intends to achieve the goals of the academic society by organising lecture series, courses, discussions, professional programs, factory visits, excursions, and case study competitions based on student self-activity. Since 2012, the Sándor Lámfalussy Students’ Academic Society has been organising an annual National Case Study Competition, which is Controlling-themed, and our professional partner is the Management and Controlling Association, the largest Hungarian professional organisation in the controlling profession.



  • Office: 1149 Budapest, Buzogány utca 10-12.
  • Office: Building A, 1st Floor, Room 107
  • Phone: +36 1 469-6793
  • Internal extension: 6793
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