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Faculty of Finance and Accountancy


Faculty of Finance and Accountancy
Business relations

Business partnerships: our value proposition for businesses

The Budapest Business School has been maintaining active and close relations with key players in the Hungarian economy for decades. Building business partnerships is a key pillar in our strategy, as these collaborations also support our strategic goals for education, research and sustainability. Opportunities for cooperation with the University are diverse: all companies, regardless of industry and size, can find something interesting and useful among them. Cooperation shall focus on the following areas:

Partnership in education

Practical experience, knowledge sharing in the following forms: guest lectures, participation in the StartLAB Entrepreneurship Club, joint course development, business project cooperation, the establishment of a corporate department, dissertation consultation, participation in a final examination committee, case study development, company and plant visits. The Faculty is a good example of this type of collaboration with BP, who take part in running an SSC course, or CaseSolvers, who help our students learn business thinking by giving guest lectures and courses.

Dual training

The training aims to reconcile the needs of higher education and the labour market through the practice-oriented training of the professionals of the future. Participation in the training provides companies with the opportunity to employ a student-employee who is well acquainted with the company and its work processes during the training period (and even after the agreement) and to be directly informed about professional innovations through close university cooperation. Currently, the Faculty conducts dual training in two undergraduate courses (finance and accounting, management and administration), in cooperation with 12 corporate partners in the 2019/2020 academic year.

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The University has a wide range of training courses for those who want to refresh their knowledge or even gain new knowledge in new areas through master’s courses, specialised continuing education or adult education. The University is also happy to think together with business leaders about developing company-specific training programs. Among the master's programs of the FFA, the master's program in Economist in Management and Leadership was created specifically to gain a new impetus in their professional careers by deepening or updating the knowledge of future or current company managers. The specificity of the training is group thinking and learning, so it provides a dynamic, diverse learning environment for applicants. While the Controlling postgraduate course is offered to controllers interested in or wishing to develop in the controlling field of the CFO but interested in the field of controlling in the CFO organisation, our Business coach training is recommended for those interested in the coaching profession or their profession.


In our research projects, we primarily strive to create knowledge that can be directly translated into organisational practices. We have been and have been working on many research projects in recent years, the results of which are also of great relevance to our partners. Examples include research on inclusive HR practices, corporate social responsibility, or the digital transformation of organisations. In doing so, companies and other organisations are not only the subjects of research but actual partners in scientific activities. In addition, many of our faculty and researchers are involved in organisational development as consultants, directly leveraging the latest scientific findings.

Career services

The University provides career services to companies interested in employing students through the Career Department. Career Services aims to provide the University with a platform to connect students and companies. The Career Department contributes to the promotion of the partners' professional internship opportunities, internship programs and job offers on the available university interfaces (Career Platform) and forums.

Professional/financial support

The Budapest Business School welcomes and offers contractual cooperation opportunities aimed at supporting scientific, educational, community, cultural and sports events with professional, in-kind or financial means. In previous years, we have successfully cooperated with OTP Bank on several occasions in support of the National Controlling Case Study Competition, which, in addition to submitting the case study, also included professional, material, venue and prize sponsorship. 

At the University, we support our students who achieve outstanding academic results and are active in community activities within the framework of the Secure Future Scholarship Program. The scholarship program can be provided from our resources as well as corporate grants. Joining the program is ideal for our partners if they are unable to take full control of the selection process but consider it important and willing to participate in student support and plan for the possible future employment of selected, successful students at their company, even though internships. 

It is also possible to establish a corporate scholarship. This form of support not only provides financial support for our students but also provides an opportunity for our business partners to participate in internships with selected students.

Infrastructure rental and investment

The infrastructural offer of the institution includes both a listed building and a modern facility designed in the spirit of sustainability, so you can think of us as a venue for conferences, press conferences and training. In recent years, two lecture halls at the FFA have been renewed with the involvement of corporate sources: the III. lecture room was modernised with the support of Process Solutions, and the IV. lecture room with the support of the Foundation for the Development of Economic and Methodological Training and UniCredit Bank, it became a FINTELLIGENCE financial training place with the support of the Centre. In addition, as a donation from Deloitte, we have set up a smart corner for our students where they can learn together and prepare to make their business presentations. The SMART Campus of FFA Berzsenyi Street offers a 21st century, well-formed, inspiring space for holding workshops, training and mini-conferences, for which Team Academy BudapestBudapestLAB and the Doctoral School of Entrepreneurship and Business offer excellent professional background.


BBS has successful domestic, EU and international tendering activities in several areas that are in some way related to domestic businesses, especially the SME sector. In recent years, a number of educational development projects have also been implemented to address a corporate problem, such as complete training within and outside the school system, educational materials, and skills development for business mentors. The University aims to cooperate more closely with Hungarian companies in the future, either through the implementation of domestic or international tenders. 

Contact us with your questions and suggestions and we will help you find the most suitable partner for your business within the Faculty.



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