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Faculty of Finance and Accountancy


Faculty of Finance and Accountancy
Sándor Lámfalussy Students’ Academic Society
The Sándor Lámfalussy Students’ Academic Society was established in 2010 as an organization of the Faculty of Finance and Accountancy of the BBS Students’ Academic Society and in 2016 it took the name of the Sándor Lámfalussy Students’ Academic Society. The purpose of establishing an academic society is to give students the opportunity to gain a deeper knowledge of the scientific and practical areas of their chosen profession.

It is an important goal for our members to be able to develop competencies that are essential in business and are among the expectations of employers. Members of the academic society organize courses each semester, some of which are available to members of the academic society and others to other students in the faculty. These courses are advertised on topics that are in demand by the audience. In addition to the courses, the members organize various training, public professional lectures, case study competitions (National Controlling Case Study Competition, Sándor Lámfalussy Case Study Competition), professional study trips. 

Our members are all students studying at any stage of the faculty who undertake to actively participate in the activities of the academic society, strive to achieve their goals, and wish to represent the Faculty and the academic society in domestic and international case study and other professional competitions and conferences.