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Faculty of Finance and Accountancy


Faculty of Finance and Accountancy
Services and projects

The mission of the library is to provide the necessary expert literature and information for the practice-oriented undergraduate, master's, higher-level vocational training, specialised postgraduate, and doctoral programmes as well as for the teaching, research and study at these various levels of trainings at the Faculty of Finance and Accounting.

Besides the researchers and students of the Faculty, the library makes its collection and services available to researchers and students of the other faculties and institutes, as well as to external users within the unified library system of the Budapest Business School.

The library collection 

Within the framework of the documentation and information services developed in accordance with the training profile of the institution, it collects, organises into a database and makes available the latest literature on the disciplines taught by the faculty, through which it provides a supply of expert literature and information and transmits national services. The library collects the Hungarian language literature of the disciplines taught and researched by the faculty and their co-sciences, as well as the relevant foreign sources, thus nearly 100,000 documents, 50,000 foreign language e-books, 75 different dailies and magazines, the leading international and Hungarian databases (e.g., Cambridge University Press (CUP) Journals Business Collection, EBSCO - EconLit Index, EmeraldInsight and Emerald Case Studies, Jstor - Business & Economics (Archive Collection)) are awaiting the students and faculty.

The Mobility Office assists in the realization of student and teacher mobility, including the organisation of briefings, training courses, and personal counselling. One of the most important activities of the Office is the coordination and promotion of study grants and internships abroad under the Erasmus + program. In addition to the Erasmus + scholarship programme, we also support our students' Campus Mundi scholarship applications, and we also promote the scholarship opportunities offered by the Eastern Business Academy Centre.

The Career Office organises internships and career programs for full-time, correspondence and distance learning students in higher-level vocational training- and undergraduate programmes. Our colleagues help in finding internship positions (this means contacting roughly 200-250 companies per semester via letters), keeping contact with companies and firms sending a positive reply, and the administration of internships. The Office also plays an important role in concluding cooperation agreements and handling the documents of students employed in other legal relationships. The Office also helps students through the faculty website with their internships by publishing job advertisements, internships, and incoming offers on faculty advertising spaces.

The Office also participates in the organization of job fairs and career programs, and the organisation and coordination of corporate appearances including tests, company presentations, professional lectures, booths, case study competitions, and the announcement of other programs. Our colleagues have created a company database that students can use as well, when looking for an internship.

The goal of the Success Centre is to (1) assist students in resolving difficulties arising during their university studies, and their life at the university in general; (2) ensure equal opportunities; (3) support students in achieving their goals. We help students become successful, active, collaborative university citizen, develop their various talents, skills, and competencies. 

Main tasks: 

  1. Study coaching (supportive discussion) 
  2. Catch-up courses to help learning 
  3. Mental health consultancy 
  4. Support for students with disabilities 
  5. Immersion help, study coaching; support for foreign students 
  6. Training 

The Faculty has made several building development investments in recent years in line with the requirements of the age and the needs of students and employees. The new buildings and parts of buildings all serve to realise high-quality European education.

The campus established in Berzsenyi Street is home to those parts of the Team Academy specialisation and the master's programs, where we can display the advantages and specifics arising from the different nature of the courses. The campus has become a scene for small group, active and intensive cooperation and brainstorming in recent years, and it is also home to Budapest LAB.

The Budapest LAB Entrepreneurship Centre enhances the spread of entrepreneurial culture and helps Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises through knowledge sharing. The aim of the workshop supporting the “in partnership with enterprises” strategic aim of Budapest Business School (BBS), which supports its strategic goal in partnership with enterprises, is to develop into one of the most recognised research, development, training and think tank group in Central European business development.

An important milestone in our infrastructural investment is the FINTELLIGENCE lecture hall. On The first FINTELLIGENCE Financial Educational Centre in the capital – realised with joint university and corporate resources – was opened on 8 April 2020.

The financial laboratory for educational purposes, which is the newest member of the national FINTELLIGENCE Financial Educational Network, was established in cooperation with UniCredit Bank, the FINTELLIGENCE Financial Culture Centre and the Faculty of Finance and Accountancy of Budapest Business School.

The financial lecture hall with modern infrastructure hosts high-quality university courses, conferences and educational lectures.

In the latest stage of development, the hall was renewed, and as a next step, the library will also receive a building that meets the expectations of the 21st century.