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Faculty of Finance and Accountancy


Faculty of Finance and Accountancy
Dean's welcome

Dear Visitor!

We welcome you on behalf of the Faculty of Finance and Accountancy of Budapest Business School. 

Let me introduce an old but new institution. 

The duality of the past and the present permeates the history of the Faculty as well as our everyday lives. The institution is old because the Faculty considers the Kassa Academy of Commerce, founded in 1857, and the Pest School of Commerce our predecessors. It is also new because our immediate predecessor, the College of Finance and Accountancy with its establishment in 1970 was young on the higher educational scene. 

As a defining Faculty of Budapest Business School, we consider high standard academic work to be a key foundation for practical training. We wish for this approach to appear in the knowledge of our students, i.e. to use the results of various disciplines jointly and consciously to solve corporate problems.

Our goal is to train responsible, thoughtful, and willing professionals who are able to reflect on the problems of their environment and develop solutions to them in five, ten or even twenty years’ time. 

Our faculty offers undergraduate programmes in four areas: in addition to the finance and accountancy major, on which the Faculty's reputation is based, we offer programmes in business administration and management, human resources, and business information technology. In addition to our four master's programs (finance, accountancy, business management, economist in management and leadership), a number of specialised courses and postgraduate programmes, we have also been offering a doctoral programme to Hungarian and foreign applicants since 2019. The short-cycle, non-graduate higher-level vocational programmes are offered parallel to our undergraduate programmes in finance and accountancy (with economist assistant specialised in entrepreneurship, banking economist assistant and public finance economist assistant specializations), business administration and management, and business information technology majors.

As part of the largest Hungarian Business School, continuous development, future orientation, and community building are important to us. We strive for high quality in both our teaching and research activities, in which we are supported by our close contacts with the business community. We believe that as a university on the whole, and as educators and researchers we must reflect on the challenges of the future besides fulfilling the requirements of the present age.

We also strive to make students and colleagues feel that they are at the right place, both humanly and professionally. We believe that excellent results can only be achieved when and where people are surrounded by an inspiring, supportive environment. A community where besides excelling professionally, one also feels good. Among other things, this makes BBS Faculty of Finance and Accountancy one of the leading higher educational institutions in Hungary. 

I hope to welcome you in the future as a member of this community, as a university citizen! 



Dr Sára Csillag

Dean, Associate Professor