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Faculty of Finance and Accountancy


Faculty of Finance and Accountancy
In order to preserve the health of its students, the Faculty pays special attention to making institutional sports opportunities as widely available as possible for everyone. To be as accessible as possible, students can use university sports opportunities not only within the framework of physical education classes but also within the framework of individual or group training.

In the 1 gym and 2 fitness rooms available at the Faculty, students can choose from a wide range of sports, from a variety of ball games (basketball, volleyball, football, floorball) to bodybuilding and aerobics to Tahiti dance. 

Out-of-class training also gives students the opportunity to get involved in university sports. With the professional coaching background provided by the Office for BBS Sports, students have the opportunity to prepare for and join the Budapest, national and international university championships. Our students have achieved outstanding results in recent years in swimming, athletics, fencing, wrestling, as well as water polo, volleyball and basketball. 

If you would like to strengthen the BBS team in these competitions in the future, feel free to apply to the Coaches of the Office for BBS Sports.

Nikoletta Barka (B2P2, tourism)

Ottó Tóth (tenisz, fitness, floorball, football, skiing)

Szilvia Nagy (swimming, volleyball, fitness, skiing)

Attila Klinkó (football, volleyball, basketball, fitness, floorball)

Zoltán Szörényi (fitness, football, volleyball, basketball, tourism)

Mónika Rádi (aerobic)

Szilvia Angyal (Tahiti dance)

Ottó Tóth (football)

Attila Klinkó (volleyball)

Zoltán Szörényi (basketball)

Botond Dolnay (waterpolo)