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Faculty of Finance and Accountancy


Faculty of Finance and Accountancy
Student Excellence
The Faculty offers many opportunities for you to try yourself out and develop in areas other than those required in the curriculum during your university years. The special college, the Students’ Research Societies Conference, the Budapest Business Club, MKT (Hungarian Economic Association) and AIESEC also provide such opportunities.

Sándor Lámfalussy Students’ Academic Society

The Sándor Lámfalussy Special College was established in 2010 as a branch of the BBS Special College operating at the Faculty of Finance and Accountancy, which adopted the name Sándor Lámfalussy Special College in2016. The purpose of establishing the Special College was to provide a possibility for the students to gain a deeper knowledge of the scientific and practical areas of their chosen profession. 

It is an important goal for our members to be able to develop competencies that are essential in business and are among the expectations of employers. Members of the Special College organise courses each semester, some of which are available to members of the Special College while others to any student of the Faculty. These courses are advertised on topics that the students are interested in. In addition to the courses, the members organise various trainings, public professional lectures, case study competitions (e.g., National Controlling Case Study Competition, Sándor Lámfalussy Case Study Competition), professional field trips. 

We welcome membership applications from all students of all majors of the Faculty who undertake to actively participate in the activities of the Special College, strive to achieve its goals, and wish to represent the Faculty and the Special College in domestic and international case study and other professional competitions and conferences. 

MKT Faculty of Finance and Accountancy Youth Organisation

What is behind the name? 

The Youth Organisation of the Hungarian Economic Association was established at the College of Finance and Accountancy in 2012 with the aim of bringing the activities of our parent organisation – which looks back to a history of over 100 years - closer to new generations and to introduce students to the beauties of economics.

Our goal, similarly to our partner organisations operating at renowned universities in Budapest and other cities in the country, is to provide students with lectures and professional programs dealing with current and popular topics that help them to put their studies into practice. 


„Focus on practical knowledge!” 


Through its activities, MKT FFA helps its members to bridge the gap between being a student and becoming a professional. Our members are all ambitious, open personalities who want to take advantage of their potential. 

 Participation in our organisation is informal; you can join the realisation of the ideas of the “masterminds” as a supporter, or even realise your own well-thought-out “master plan”. 


We wish everyone to be able to deliver outstanding performance by finding their own field of interest. You can find what you are truly talented in by continually evolving as part of a young and dynamic team. 

With us, you have the opportunity to gain insight into the details of project management, event organisation, organisational communication, marketing strategy, human resource management, CSR, and PR, among others. You can also get in personal touch with companies like Coca-Cola, Fornetti, KPMG, Red-Bull,, Sziget Kft., and many others. 


The MKT FFA gives you the opportunity to get more out of your college years! 

If interested, do not hesitate to join one of the Faculty's most popular and youngest student organisation! 

Address: Budapest, 1149. Buzogány utca 10-12.


Students’ Research Societies (TDK)

At the beginning, and for many years, Students’ Research Societies were a meeting place and discussion forum for students of outstanding ability, diligence, who were willing and able to do research. It is a Hungarian invention, if you like, hungaricum. The idea has changed somewhat, and the conference has become a competition among participating students and participating institutions. 

The mission of the FFA TDT team is to be closer to the founding goals of the organisation in spirit and activity, despite the strong competition: i.e., we should develop not only our professional but also our social networks while writing the studies and conducting research. 

TDK conferences provide a good opportunity for our students to get involved in the research work of the departments and carry out independent scientific activities. The studies resulting from the research work are presented by their authors in the framework of the institutional TDK conference. The best performances receive awards and are advanced to the biennial National Scientific Student Conference (OTDK).  

Sopron will host the Economic Section of the next OTDK in 2021. GO FOR IT FFA! 

Latest news




Why not learn from available documents from previous years!


AIESEC is an international, non-profit, non-political, student-led organisation operating in 110 countries around the world. Its members are university and college students interested in various areas of the economy. 

The core activity of AIESEC concerns the professional and voluntary internship exchange programme, through which more than 2,100 university and college students now have the opportunity to gain professional experience abroad or get acquainted with the everyday life and culture of a foreign country within the framework of educational and cultural programs. 


AIESEC Local Committee, BBS Faculty of Finance and Accountancy 


AIESEC has been operating at our faculty (and previously at the CFA) since 1976. 

Through the activities of our organisation at the Faculty, we provide an opportunity for students to test their knowledge in practice. For example, they have the opportunity to organise corporate events, participate in negotiations or gain insight into HR processes. In the meantime, they can meet students from other countries, while our courses contribute to their studies. 

We do all this in a team, paying attention to cohesion, creating the – primarily professional - foundations, good mood at work and, of course, introducing all our students, including our members, to our core activity - the international internship exchange programme. These include our various training camps, at national and local level, afternoon gatherings, international conferences, which always have a different theme, connected to current issues in the world.

Address: 1149 Budapest, Buzogány u. 10-12

Telephone: 1/469-6690


Business IT Club – BGE

Fejlődni vágyó, céltudatos, többnyire gazdaságinformatikus hallgatók vagyunk, akik az egyetemi tanulmányaikat szakmai fejlődéssel és egy összetartó baráti közösséggel szeretnék kiegészíteni. Jelenleg mi vagyunk az egyetlen informatikával foglalkozó diákszervezet az egyetemünkön. Küldetésünk, hogy versenyképes partnerekkel olyan színvonalas projekt alapú képzéseket tudjunk biztosítani tagjaink számára, amelyek a szakmai és személyes fejlődésük során kimagasló értéket képviselnek, ezáltal megkülönböztetve őket hallgatótársaiktól. Számos partneri kapcsolat, belső workshop vagy MeetUp szervezéséből állnak mindennapjaink, emellett pedig biztosítjuk a szervezet belső működését marketinges és HR-es projekteken keresztül. Fontosnak tartjuk a munka mellett a kikapcsolódást is, ezt pedig rengeteg közösségi programmal, csapatépítésekkel valósítjuk meg. Olyan ambiciózus, fejlődni vágyó hallgatók jelentkezését várjuk, akiket érdekel az IT világa, és szeretnék már egyetemi éveik alatt gyakorlatban valódi projektek során használni az egyetemen és a szakmai tréningeken tanultakat. Ha Te is érzed magadban, hogy többre vagy képes, és odavagy az új kütyükért, ne habozz, keress minket!