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Faculty of Finance and Accountancy


Faculty of Finance and Accountancy
Prof. Dr. Gyula Bakacsi
Department of Management
PhD (Csc)
Prof. Dr. Gyula Bakacsi
  • Office:1149 Budapest, Buzogány utca 10-12.
  • Building:Building A, 1st Floor, Room 117
  • Phone:+36 1 469-6600
  • Internal extension:6782


Professor at the Department of Management, Budapest Business School, core member of the Doctoral School of Entrepreneurship and Business, in-charge of the Management & Organization Master program. Graduated (1983) from MKKE (predecessor of Corvinus University of Budapest), doctoral degree (1988), Candidate of Sciences at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (1993). Visiting scholar (1988-89) at Johnson Graduate School Management (Cornell U), certificates in Central and Eastern European Teachers Program (CEETP) Program (1992 & 1993) at Harvard Business School. Visiting Professor at Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand (1999).

Subject(s) taught

  • Thesis Supervisor (PhD, in English)
  • Research Methodology 1. (PhD, in English)
  • Research Methodology 4. (PhD. in English)
  • Organizational Behavior in SMEs (PhD, in English)
  • Organisational Behavior (MSc, in Hungarian)
  • Leadership, motivation, commitment (MSc, in Hungarian)
  • Change Management (MSc, in Hungarian)
  • Cooperation & Conflict Management (MSc, in Hungarian)
  • Negotiataion (MSc, in Hungarian)

Professional career

  • 1991-2005Secretary of Management & Organization Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • since 1995Martonvásár Talent Care Foundation Ch of BoT
  • 2000-03Foundation for Selye János University (Slovakia) T of BoT
  • 2001-03Tihanyi Foundation T of BoT
  • 2003-2019Committee of Business & Economic Science at National Scientific Students’ Association, Ch
  • 2004-06Representative in the Local Government of Martonvásár, Ch of the Committee of Finance, Budgeting and Development
  • since 2006M of the Committee of Business and Management of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, since 2018
  • 2006-13Ch of Int’l Scientific Research Association „Societatea Internaţională de Cercetare în Leadership şi Cultură Organizaţională” (COLEAD)
  • since 2008M of Editorial Board of Journal for Eastern-European Management Studies
  • since 2009M of Presidium of National Council of Student Research Societies
  • since 2012M of Presidium of Hungarian Accreditation Committee (HAC), 2012-18
  • 2013-18M of Assembly of Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • since 2013M of IX. Section of Economics and Law of HAC
  • 2014-17Hungarian Doctoral Council M of SB
  • since 2019M of Editorial Board Budapest Management Review (Vezetéstudomány).
  • 1991-95Biogal Pharmaceutical Plc M of BoD
  • 1991-92Bakony Works Plc M of SB, 1992-96 Ch of BoD, 1996-98
  • 1991-96Pfizer Biogal Chem Trade Ltd M of SB
  • 1995-2005PEMÜ Plastic Plc VCh of SB, since then Ch of SB
  • 1995-2000Founding member and managing partner of OD Partner Ltd, joint Dutch-Hungarian Int'l Management Consulting and Training Company
  • 1998-2000Pénzintézeti Központ Bank Plc Ch of SB
  • 2000-02Postabank & Savings Plc non-executive outside M of BoD, 2002-03
  • 2003-04i-Vent Vagyonkezelő Plc Ch of SV
  • 2004-05Pannonplast Plc M of SB
  • 2006-13Tisza Chemical Group (TVK) M of SB0
  • 2010-15Central Rail and Track Inspection Ltd. (subsidiary of Hungarian State Railways) Ch of SB
  • 2012-13Fair-Levy Factoring House Plc M of BoD
  • since 2014ENEFI Energy Plc M of SB.

Research areas

  • My research focus is organizational behaviour, culture and leadership accentuated (Country Co-Investigator of Hungary of the international comparative research GLOBE/GLOBE 2020).
  • I had been participant of the following research projects:
  • 1984-87: Member of the Hungarian team of the international research program "Microelectronics in the Service Sector" (six country involved, coordinated by Aston University, Birmingham)
  • 1986-89: Researcher of project "Managers' Behaviour" - part of TS 1/4 "Business Organizations in Economic Micro-Sphere" Long-Range Research Program financed by Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Survey of 2566 top and Middle managers at dozens of Hungarian organizations)
  • 1989-1993: Co-researcher of "Managing the changing Hungarian Enterprises" Hungaro-American longitudinal research project on organizational learning process of six Hungarian joint ventures
  • 1994-2019: Country Co-Investigator of international cross-cultural research project GLOBE (Global Leadership and Organizational Behaviour Effectiveness) coordinated by Robert J. House, The Wharton School, Philadelphia, Penn.)
  • 1995-2000: Head of Research project “Culture, Learning and Human Resource Management“ in research program “Competing with the World”, BUES
  • 2000-2003: Head of Research project Organizational Culture – Organizational Learning (Managing Cultural Change in the Turn of the Millennium Hungary), Research Fund for Higher Education Development, (project No 0310/2000)
  • 2004-06: Economy and culture – cultural determinism of future oriented competitiveness (based on GLOBE research). National Fund of Scientific Research, (project No T 046897)
  • 2004-06: Head of Research project „Societal & organizational culture and leadership of Transylvanian Hungarian minority” Sapientia Foundation – Research Programs Institute
  • 2006-07: Organizational culture and leadership in telecommunication sector (a GLOBE based research project in Romania, Serbia, and Hungary). Corporate research Grant of Hungarian Telecom
  • 2008-09: Head of Research project „The impact of organizational culture on competitiveness of ventures of Seklerland” Sapientia Foundation – Research Programs Institute
  • 2009-10: Head of research project „Comparative leadership study of for-profit and non-profit organizations” Sapientia Foundation – Research Programs Institute
  • 2013-16: Project member „Organizational efficiency development in health provider system – forming spatial cooperation” TÁMOP 6.2.5/B Research Program
  • since 2019: Country Co-Investigator (CCI) „GLOBE 2020 Study” Int’l Research Program with 159 countries participating, coordinated by Ali Dastmalchian (Simon Fraser University) and Mansour Javidan (Thunderbird School of Management, Arizona State University).