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Faculty of Finance and Accountancy


Faculty of Finance and Accountancy
Success Centre

The aim of the Success Center is:

  • to help students overcome difficulties in their university studies and university life,
  • to ensure equal opportunities,
  • to support students in achieving their goals.

We help you become a successful, active, collaborative university citizen, develop different talents, and develop skills and competencies.

If you need help from students to integrate better and the time you spend at the Faculty would be fun, contact our BEE mentors. Read more about the BEE Mentorship programme HERE.

Our main tasks

You are probably new to this university, maybe even to the whole country. You may feel insecure, lost or even upset about all the new things that seem so difficult to understand right now.

If you feel you need to ask and discuss, come and talk to us.

There might be so many different issues at the beginning:

  • you do not understand the education system at the university,
  • you do not see the grading system clearly
  • you do not know what would be the proper conduct during classes and exams
  • you do not know what teachers and groupmates expect
  • you have doubts about how to prepare a decent essay or presentation

We can offer you help with your study problems through our study coaching system, where you can make an appointment for a one-tone discussion that will help you find your solutions.

Then, also, there might be so many other problems. If you feel

  • lost
  • it is difficult to work in a team
  • you cannot cope with stress
  • your learning strategies are not right
  • you have problems with time management
  • you are not efficient enough
  • you cannot deal with conflicts
  • people behave in strange ways, and you do not understand
  • something is not right but you do not know what

  1. You can ask for an appointment with our psychologist, who can help you sort out the problems that disturb you.
  2. Sign up for a one-to-one discussion with our study coaches, who will ask you the right questions to help you understand things better and find your own best solutions.
  3. Sign up for the Intercultural Experience intensive course. It is a kind of immersion course to help you understand cultural differences, give you some insight into Hungarian ways of thinking, share some basic knowledge about the country. It will also give you some basic help with the education system at our university, with team work and study strategies. Besides all this useful information it will also help you integrate, as you will be working with other students from all over the world.

Information: Agnes Györki, room B2


Psychologist: Mária Goóg,

Coaching: Andrea Csathó,

The university also organizes free trainings for students, to help them develop certain skills, such as Leveraging and managing conflicts. You can sign up on Coospace.

Information: Agnes Györki, room B2