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Faculty of International Management and Business


Faculty of International Management and Business
Centre of Excellence for Cyber Economy (Ceased: June, 2021)


The focus of the activities of the Centre of Excellence on Cyber-economy (CECE) is the examination and evaluation of economic and social processes, changes and impacts, including Industry 4.0. Increasingly complex and faster technological changes are bringing significant changes in the operation of various industries, and with the spread of cyber-physical systems, new operating mechanisms are emerging. This transformation (Industry 4.0 in summary) will result in the development of smart factories and manufacturing of the future. 

Technological changes and their effects also affect the (world) economy and society as a whole, the study and characterization of which are the research areas of the Centre. The economic and social conditions for the use of new business models, robots with artificial intelligence, are research questions that are essential for understanding global processes and their potential domestic consequences. 


The Centre's mission is twofold: on the one hand, to contribute to the enrichment and transfer of knowledge and skills relevant to business in the relevant areas of corporate governance, and on the other hand to help training a new generation of economists who can understand and manage the economic and technological challenges in the 21st century. 


The staff of the Centre are lecturers and researchers of the BBS Faculty of Faculty of International Management and Business: Dr Katalin Antalóczy, Dr Katalin Csekő, Dr László Csonka, Dr Katalin Fehér, Dr Tamás Gáspár, Dr Tímea Juhász and Dr Magdolna Sass. 


In the course of its activities so far, the Centre has organised a number of events (Outlook Lecture Series, BBS Researchers' Days, Researchers' Night). Based on the results of the research projects, colleagues published several articles in academic journals and in the professional press ( The Centre is currently conducting research on the challenges of Hungarian car manufacturing in relation to Industry 4.0 and the social impact of Industry 4.0. 

If you are interested, visit our website: or write to us: 

We are looking for students who would like to get involved in our automotive and pharmaceutical research!