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Faculty of International Management and Business


Faculty of International Management and Business
Programme portfolio

Programme portfolio

Would you like to be an active participant and an actor in international economic, business, and diplomatic relations? Then your place is at FIMB! Our motto is "We train for International Business." You can choose from four bachelor's, three master's and two short-cycle vocational programmes and gain a lot of international experience! Our students come from more than 20 countries, from Europe, Asia, America, and Africa. We continuously renew all our programmes to involve companies and institutions operating in the given professional field. Our more than 500 domestic and international corporate and institutional partners offer professional internships and jobs for our students. You can gain a lot of practical knowledge in our program, but if you want to work for a highly prestigious domestic or international company in addition to the programme, we definitely recommend the dual programme in international management and trade and marketing! Within the framework of the dual program, in cooperation with fifteen companies and organizations (e.g. Siemens, Bosch and Waberers Group, Kühne & Nagel, Hungarian Export Development Agency), we ensure that in addition to theoretical knowledge, you can also acquire skills in operational corporate work. 

Bachelor's Degree in Commerce and Marketing (full-time and correspondence, 7 semesters) 

Specializations available at the Faculty of International Management and Business (FIMB): digital marketing, marketing communications, marketing management 

Bachelor's Degree in Communication and Media Science (full-time and correspondence, 6 semesters) 

Bachelor's Degree in International Business Economics (also in dual program and dual degree opportunities) (full-time and correspondence, full-time in English and French, 8 semesters) 

Our short film about the dual program: 

Bachelor's Degree in International Relations (full-time and correspondence, 6 semesters) 

Marketing (full-time and correspondence) 

International Economy and Business (full-time (in English), correspondence (in Hungarian and English)) 

International Relations (full-time in English, correspondence in Hungarian) 

Business Administration and Management (correspondence programme in Hatvan) 

Specialization available at the Faculty of International Management and Business (FIMB): digital business services 

Economist Assistant in Marketing Communication (full-time and correspondence) 

In 2020-2021 our Faculty offers a variety of executive programs. For further information please contact dr Márta Kovács at