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Faculty of International Management and Business


Faculty of International Management and Business
International opportunities

Would you like to earn a degree from a foreign university during your studies abroad as part of a double degree programme? Would you like to spend a semester or two at a partner institution in Europe or Asia? Would you prefer to do your internship abroad? Would you like to go on a study trip abroad with your classmates? There are a whole range of international opportunities awaiting you at FIMB!

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As a Külker (FIMB) student, you can choose from 110 universities in 22 countries if you would like to study abroad on an Erasmus scholarship for one or two semesters! 

Erasmus + is a European Commission programme that supports education and training, youth, and sport. Erasmus student mobility focuses on study and internships abroad. 

The purpose of the study abroad scheme is to enable students to gain professional, linguistic, and cultural experiences in a higher education institution in another country. 

The purpose of the internship scheme is to support traineeship in a company/organisation in another European country in order to help students acquire the skills needed in the labour market and to understand the economic and social culture of the host country. The host institution can be a company, a training institution, a research centre, or other organisation. 

You can apply for studies abroad for the following academic year in February and for internships in April. You can find the list of our Erasmus partners on the following page: Erasmus partners institutions