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Faculty of International Management and Business


Faculty of International Management and Business
BBS FIMB Hall of Residence

The Mátyásföld Hall of Residence hosts full-time students of the Budapest Business School’s Faculty of International Management and Business in Mátyásföld in the heart of the capital’s 16th district. It is located in a garden city green zone far from the noise of the city, just two minutes’ walk from the BBS Faculty of International Management and Business, which means that it is hugely popular with students. Every academic year a total of 242 students find a second home in the welcoming, four-floor building.

The hall of residence can be accessed by public transport from Örs vezér Square in approx. 15 minutes, with convenient and rapid transport provided by the suburban railway (HÉV) and two bus routes. The hall of residence is just a few minutes by foot from the Imre Street stop of the suburban railway, arriving by bus No. 45 the stop is Diósy Lajos Street, with the hall of residence opposite the stop, while with bus No. 276, from the Újszász Street stop it takes just a few minutes on foot to reach the building. 

Life in the Mátyásföld Hall of Residence is made easier not only by its close proximity to the Faculty of International Management and Business. There is a LIDL supermarket a few minutes’ walk away, and a few streets down there is a Coop and an ALDI. The centre of Mátyásföld district, which is similarly just a few blocks from the hall of residence, has a central post office, an OTP bank, Rossmann, CBA, a medical clinic and other smaller shops. Örs vezér Square boasts the Árkád Mall, Sugár shopping centre and IKEA along with plenty of other shopping and entertainment outlets.

The hall of residence doctor is on call every day in the GP surgery in Erzsébet Park opposite the hall of residence. There is a pharmacy next door to the surgery. 

There are confectioneries, ice cream parlours and small restaurants all nearby in this friendly garden city district. It is also worth highlighting the Erzsébet-liget Theatre, which hosts not only stage performances but concerts, too.

How to win admission to Mátyásföld Hall of Residence

Once every academic year, we announce admissions to the hall of residence; places are provided for one academic year (two semesters). Our admissions procedure is open to senior year students, first-year students and foreign students. 

A place in the hall of residence can be won by tendering for it. This can be made by everyone who has full-time, active student status at the BBS Faculty of International Management and Business.

Hall of residence applications must be submitted electronically, using the Neptun code via the Modulo system. The application comprises two separate forms, a social means report and request for admission to the hall of residence. It is not mandatory to attach the social means report but it is worth doing because of the point awarded due to distance from place of residence.

The ranking of applicants is based on the total points accrued on the social means report and hall of residence data sheet. The most important factor on the hall of residence data sheet is good study achievements but points are also awarded for communal work and outstanding results in various professional competitions.

The hall of residence fee must be paid on the last working day of every month via the Neptun system.

Building, rooms of Mátyásföld Hall of Residence

Mátyásföld Hall of Residence is located in a well maintained, four-storey building with round-the-clock porter and security service plus CCTV. There is free car parking around the building.

There are a total of 116 rooms on five floors in the building.

The majority of rooms are doubles. Every room has a small hall where there is a basin, large built-in cupboard with masses of shelving space and a fridge-freezer. These rooms provide comfortable accommodation with two beds, two desks, chairs and wall shelving.

Every floor has separate bathrooms for women and men: toilets, basins, showers.

If somebody needs a separate bathroom then there are apartments, each one comprising two double rooms opening onto a common area for four persons in total, with bathroom between the two rooms. However, there are only three of these four-person apartments available, all located on the first floor. We also have two three-bed accessibilized rooms on the ground floor, accessible via a wheelchair ramp. If there are no applications from disabled students in a given academic year, these rooms can also be rented out to other students.

Mátyásföld Hall of Residence services

In order to make life more convenient, the hall of residence includes other rooms besides bedrooms.

Every floor of the residence has a kitchen equipped with built-in cupboards, electric oven, microwave, dishwasher and washing machine.

On each floor there is a communal area used as a venue for hall of residence parties and events, not to mention study during exam periods.

Residents can use the washing machines and dryers on the ground floor; there are also irons and ironing boards here. A vacuum cleaner can be borrowed from the porter. Cleaning equipment is available on every floor, but the cleaning service also ensures a constant state of tidiness and hygiene. Mátyásföld Hall of Residence operates in an environmentally friendly mode taking into account aspects of sustainability. We sort all waste using the selective waste containers positioned in the corridors. Organic waste is composted, used oil is collected and disposed of safely.

The hall of residence supplies each resident with clean linen every fortnight but naturally you can use your own if you want to.

You have to make a declaration about any smaller electrical devices you want to bring when you move in. However, you should be aware that for fire and accident prevention reasons you may not bring in any appliance that generates heat directly, for example, an iron or electric heater.

Within reason, smaller electrical kitchen appliances may be used in the kitchen.

There is a small computer room in the hall of residence and every room is fitted with broadband Internet access while the whole building has Wi-Fi coverage.

The sporting options for students are varied: you can use a workout room fitted with modern exercise equipment in the university building for free, and there are several smaller gyms.

Ball games can be played in the university gymnasium next to the hall of residence. Students receive a discount on admission to the Erzsébet-liget swimming pool that is similarly near the residence.

When moving in, all residents have to sign a statement that they have read and will abide by the House Rules. Please take this seriously to make it easier for you and your fellow residents to live together.

Besides this, there are two other regulations it is important to know about: Requirement System for Students of the Budapest Business School (HKR), and the Hall of Residence Operational Regulation (KMSZ).

The Hall of Residence Committee (KOB) regulates and assists – in close collaboration with the hall of residence management – life in the residence, thereby making it easier for residents to navigate their way around everyday matters.

KOB comprises eight hall of residence students and its members are chosen by residents of the hall. They have very wide ranging duties including helping when it comes to applying for hall of residence residency, moving in and out, drawing up room sharing plans and seeing that the House Rules are complied with. Besides their official duties, they also organize hall of residence events. Every floor has a go-to person and you should not hesitate to contact them with your questions, requests, ideas and suggestions.

The following popular programmes are traditionally held in our hall of residence: Hall of Residence Fresher’s Week, International Evening (involving foreign students staying in the hall of residence), Speed Dating, Santa Claus Evening, Hall of Residence Carnival, Spring Celebration, Hall of Residence Farewell. Each year we arrange a group walk out to one of Budapest’s most attractive and largest nature protected sites, Naplás Lake, which is just 5 km away. Besides all these, we also take part in other programmes arranged by the university.

Hungarian and EU state supported

HUF 11,650/month

HUF 9320/month

HUF 17,475/month

Hungarian and EU self-financed

HUF 23,300/month

HUF 20,970/month

HUF 29,125/month

non-EU foreign

HUF 39,000/month

HUF 34,340/month

HUF 50,650/month 

During term time our hall of residence hosts students of the BBS Faculty of International Management and Business (from September - June).

However, during the months of July and August students of other educational institutions will also find we offer high quality and yet reasonably priced accommodation.

·      Time for moving in:

·      28 August 2021. Saturday from 10.00am - to 20.00pm

·      29 August 2021. Sunday, from 08.00am -16.00pm

·      30 August 2021. Monday, from 08.00am -16.00pm

·      31 August 2021. Tuesday, from 08.00am -16.00pm



If you may not be able to move in during this period, please contact President of KOB (Committee of Mátyásföld Hall of Residence) so that to agree in another time: Ms. Antal Katinka until 28. 08. 2020.


The room number of the applicant will be published on the day of arrival. Roommate preferences can be considered within the limits of availability. If there are questions in connection with rooms and roommates, please contact Antal Katinka until 25. 08. 2020.

Students have to adjust to and respect the Rules and Regulations of Mátyásföld Hall of Residence.

Students can stay in Mátyásföld Hall of Residence during the winter vacation.

Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship holder students who will graduate at the end of this Academic year are allowed to stay in Mátyásföld Hall of Residence until the last day of the month of their graduation. (their student status will be ceased at BBS FIMB on that very day.)SH students with active status (will not graduate this year) can stay until 31 August 2022.

Before moving in please read carefully the Rules and Regulations of Mátyásföld Hall of Residence!

§ 2 pieces of ID photo – Please bring with you, since it is essential for moving in (you have to stick it on your Dormitory Certificate issued on the day of arrival).

§ You also have to fill in “Application for bringing in electrical equipment” (there are forbidden items: heat producing equipment, iron, sandwich maker, rice-cooker, hot plate etc and private wifi routers.)


§ Also bicycle is considered as forbidden item.

§ Bringing in forbidden items is considered as a violation of the Rules and Regulations that can be punished with minus points.

§ Students are obliged to clean their own room on a daily basis. The management and KOB check the rooms regularly. Residents whose rooms are found in unacceptable condition will be penalized. Room inspections are carried out according to the followings:

  • Cleanness of the floor
  • If there are dirty dishes in the room
  • If there’s a huge mess
  • If bedsheets and bedlinen are used (properly)
  • If there are forbidden electrical devices in the room
  • It is forbidden for students to connect their own internet router in the hall of residence room. This is because it negatively affects the signal coming from the standard WIFI that Mátyásföld Hall of Residence provides to all students. For non-compliance of this rule you will get a penalty point!

Other important information

·      Students are obliged to obey the Rules and regulations, the current health prescriptions, and the regulations of fire protection and work safety.

·      Students are obliged to clean their own rooms regularly. Rubbish can be placed to the garbage room on a daily basis. Students are obliged to collect rubbish selectively. Students are obliged to place their selectively collected renewable rubbish at the end of the corridors into the selective dustbins or at the selective waste collection islands nearby the dormitory.

Budapest, 2021. 08.01.


Ms. Antal Katinka, President of KOB


Ms. Pásztorné Felföldi Ágnes, Head of Mátyásföld Hall of Residence

Address: 1165 Budapest, Diósy Lajos utca 22-24.

Phone: +361 467-7800/382, 385


Faculty Hall of Residence Manager

Maintenance Assistant
  • Office: 1165 Budapest, Diósy Lajos utca 22-24.
  • Office: DP-11
  • Phone: +36 1 467-7800
  • Internal extension: 350
  • E-mail:

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