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Budapest Business School

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Budapest Business School
University of Applied Sciences
Centre of Excellence for Future Value Chains

About us

Global value chains and supply chains are an integral part of our current economy. Their investigation reveal the global-scale division of work involving a lot of firms, carriers and other stakeholders. In this system, Hungary and Hungarian companies are also deeply embedded. In the past couple of years, it became evident that these global networks are under transformation because of technological developments and other megatrends. In order to ensure that we are up-to-date with the ongoing transformation of global value chains, and to help Hungarian companies benefit from these changes, it is essential to investigate the operation and structure of these networks, the supply chains, the governance practices and innovation processes together with their impact on the local economy and potential tasks for policy-making.

The Centre of Excellence for Future Value Chains (FVC) have been established to do research on global value chains and supply chains and on their future for the benefit of the Hungarian economy. The Centre involves researchers from all three faculties of BBS.

The mission of FVC is to explore the present and future development of global value chains from macro- and micro perspectives with special emphasis on the impact of digital transformation. Therefore the Centre:

  • Conducts research,
  • Engages in educational activities,
  • Develops knowledge base for vocational training programmes,
  • Accomplish projects lead by the needs of business organisations exploiting the benefits of industry-university relationships.

The research activities of FVC are focusing on two, interrelated and complementary aspects, which designate the two research streams of the Centre:

  1. Analysing the structural changes of global value chains (macro approach)
  2. Exploring the changes in business management, highlighting the impact of digital technologies on productivity and efficiency (micro approach)

The combination of the macro- and micro aspects in the research approach will lead to a more complex understanding of these structures, because the international flow of products and services is the sum of the values added and the economic results in the various layers of global value chains.

Leader of FVC

College associate professor
  • Office: 1165 Budapest, Diósy Lajos utca 22-24.
  • Office: Building E, 2nd Floor, Room 16
  • Phone: +36 1 467-7800
  • Internal extension: 994
  • E-mail:

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