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Faculty of International Management and Business


Faculty of International Management and Business
Research portfolio

The Faculty of International Management and Business (FIMB) has an outstanding, long-standing tradition in applied research in the fields of macroeconomic phenomena, international relations, corporate management, and communication, marketing and professional language teaching. Accordingly, the publications of the faculty and researchers of the Faculty are related to the fields of economics, international and development studies, literary and cultural sciences (communication and media sciences), linguistics, and educational sciences. Between 2015 and 2019, faculty and researchers of the Faculty published in a total of 59 international academic journals with Q1-Q4 ratings. 

The strategic goal of the Faculty is to provide an adequate response to the changes in the (world) economy and the resulting governmental, economic and social needs by increasing its scientific performance and developing new research areas and directions. In the spirit of this, the Centre of Excellence on Cyber-economy ( was established in 2018, the focus of which is the examination and evaluation of economic and social processes, changes and impacts, including Industry 4.0. 

You can read about the main research areas of each department on the pages of the departments. In 2020, at the Faculty will have four research groups. 

The aim of the Central European Regional Research Group (Department of International Relations) is to conduct research in multi- and interdisciplinary science, but also in diplomatic and business practice, the results of which are presented to the public in conferences, symposia, scientific periodicals and independent volumes. The Research Group oversees two research programs: Visegrad Four, Southeast Europe. 

The International Marketing Research Group (Department of Marketing) examines the components of consumer attitudes and their potential uses in marketing for foods with a strong national tradition, including the exploration of consumer attitudes related to local and organic products and sustainable food production. 

The current project of the Contrastive Terminology Research Group (Department of Languages for International Business) is to map contrastive terminology related to startups, to explore the impact of English as the dominant language, and to identify target language gaps in seven languages ​​(French, Chinese, German, Hungarian, Italian, Russian, Spanish). We present our research results at national and international conferences and publish them in professional journals. The research results provide powerful help in creating multilingual dictionaries and technical language teaching materials. 

As a result of the research of the Project-Based Language Teaching Research Group (Department of International Business Languages), a curriculum was introduced in the German language groups of the Faculty in the framework of a methodological innovation to implement project-based language teaching simulating real economic situations. Using the scientific background of project-based education, the research group examines the development of students’ 21st-century skills. For research, the program won the 2019 European Language Award. 


Our journal: 

The IMBusiness 

The previous EU Working Papers faculty publication will be published in August 2016 under a new title with a new profile ‘IMBusiness’. The journal was established by the Budapest Business School in 2016 and is published by the Faculty of International Management and Business. The paper is independent, multidisciplinary, so-called. A journal published with “double-blind proofreading” that publishes scientific analyses in the fields of political, economic, social, and international relations sciences. IMBusiness aims to publish scientific articles that connect our region to the world and topics such as globalization, major global economic and political changes, the future of the European Union or emerging countries. In the journal we welcome articles from any field of economics and social sciences, we publish articles, essays, book reviews and reports on scientific events. The journal is intended for teachers, researchers and students of economics and social sciences and we publish only original manuscripts.