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Faculty of International Management and Business


Faculty of International Management and Business
Recognitions and opportunities

The Faculty of International Management and Business published a Call for scholarly activities in 2020: the IMPACT (Innovation, Measurable, Project-based, Applied Science, Cooperation, Talent-development) project was open for submissions by groups of FIMB faculty members. The submissions were presented on March 12, 2021 and the evaluators, representing our corporate partners made the following decision:

1. place: Blockchain-based platforms in supply chains. Group members: Dr. Annamária Horváth , Dr. Éva Keresztes , Dr. Krisztina Zimányi

2. place: Intercase21 – Developinga and piloting a bilingual, interdisciplinary case study for the International Business programme. Group members: Dr. Dávid Takács , Dr. Gábor Andrási , Dr. László Budai , Mr. Ervin Gyuris

3. place: Developing research competences of students via investigation of certain aspects of sustainable consumption. Group members: : Dr. Éva Keresztes , Dr. Ildikó Kovács , Dr. Éva Pólya

AThe Faculty of International Management and Business of the Budapest Business School (and its legal predecessor) has been announcing the BBS Scientific Prize competition for its lecturers and researchers since 1997 in several categories. Recent winners of the BBS Faculty of International Management and Business Scientific Prize, 2018: 

Economy and Business, International Economic and Political Studies 

Article category: 

Dr Éva Keresztes: Some socio-economic contexts of human capital investment and the Europe 2020 strategy. ECONOMY and SOCIETY 2016: (4) pp. 62-82 (2016) 

Textbook category

Dr Pál Gyene: Independent Statehood in Post-Soviet Central Asia. Apostrophe Publisher. Budapest. 2017th 

Dr Endre Domonkos: The economic history of Central and Eastern Europe during the Second World War. Apostrophe Publisher. Budapest, 2017. 

Communication and Media Studies, Applied Linguistics and Translation Studies 

Article category: 

Dr Lázár-Péter Bajomi: Between Neutrality and Engagement. Political Journalism in Hungary. Central European Journal of Communication. vol. 10, no. 1, p. 48-63. Spring 2017. 

Textbook category: 

Dr Bence Péter Marosán: Context and Phenomenon I. Truth, Evidence and Experience in the Work of Edmund Husserl. L'HARMATTAN. 2017th

Our lecturers and researchers receive the Scientific Award of the Budapest Business School for their publications. Recipients of recent years: 

Scientific textbook category, 2020: Dr Endre Domonkos

Scientific article, 2020: Dr Katalin Fehér; Dr. Tímea Juhász - Andrea Bencsik - László Mura - Ágnes Csanádi; Dr. Péter Bajomi-Lázár

Scientific textbook category, 2019: Dr Andrea Buday-Sántha 

Scientific article, 2018: Dr. Péter Galbács 

Scientific textbook category, 2017: Dr Katalin Fehér 

Scientific article category, 2016: Dr Péter Bajomi-Lázár, Dr. Tamás Gáspár

Several former heads and lecturers of the Faculty of Foreign Trade received high state awards in recognition of their professional activities: 

Professor Emerita Dr Judit Hidasi: Kyokujitsu-Chuujushou Middle Cross of the Order of Merit of the Rising Sun (Order of the Golden Ray of the Emperor of Japan), Albert St. George Award, Augustine Trefort Award 

Professor Emeritus Dr Károly Iványi: Officer's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary 

Professor Emeritus Dr Endre Marinovich: Middle Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary, Lajos Batthyány Award, János Csere Apáczai Award 

Mrs. Gáborné Nyárády Dr retired college professor: Albert Szent-Györgyi Award 

Professor Emerita Dr Éva Törzsök: Middle Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary (civic section) 

We are proud of our lecturers and researchers who have received national and international recognitions and scholarships. In the following, we highlight some important professional recognitions and scholarships: 

Dr Péter Bajomi-Lázár: Pulitzer Prize 

Dr Katalin Fehér: Fulbright Scholarship, János Bolyai Research Scholarship 

Dr Balázs Ferkelt: Hungarians for Europe Award (Prime Minister's Office, European Commission Representation in Hungary) 

Dr Péter Galbács: Fulbright Scholarship 

Dr Bence Péter Marosán: János Bolyai Research Fellowship, The 2021 Award of the Hungarian Philosophical Society

Dr Sato Noriko: Ambassador's Award for Contributing to the Development of Mutual Understanding and Friendship between Japan and Hungary 

Dr András Zelena: Scholarship for Young Talents of the Nation researcher category, Health Hero Professional Award - Innovator category