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Faculty of International Management and Business


Faculty of International Management and Business
Academic relations

The departments, research groups, the Centre of Excellence on Cyber-economy and the lecturers of the Faculty of International Management and Business (FIMB) of the Budapest Business School implement a number of international and domestic research projects with their partners. In the following, we present the partner network of some of the most important projects of recent years and the present.

Short videos about our colleagues' applied research activities and results are available on the Faculty YouTube channel »

The Centre of Excellence for Cybereconomy has established scientific collaborations with Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence research with Alpine Electronics Manufacturing of Europe Ltd, Sanoh Hungarian Industrial Manufacturer Ltd, and Microsoft Hungary Ltd. 

The Central European Regional Research Group conducts research in multi and interdisciplinary science, and also in diplomatic and business practice, in collaboration with the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade (IFAT), the VERITAS Institute for Historical Research, the Institute of Research Centre for the Humanities Institute of History, and the Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania. The group also maintains scientific relations with the University of Constantine (Nitra). 

The Department of Marketing of the Faculty of International Management and Business has been conducting joint brand value research with the Agricultural and Food Marketing Department of the Hungarian Marketing Association since 2015, in which brand characteristics relevant to consumers are explored with the help of an online survey.

The Reminder H2020 project (2017-2019), supported by the European Commission's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Framework Program, focused on exploring the economic, social, institutional and political factors that influence the free movement of workers inside and outside the European Union and the public debate on it. The consortium was led by the University of Oxford, in addition to the BBS Faculty of International Management and Business, the University of Barcelona, the University of Vienna, the University of Gothenburg, the University of Johannes Gutenberg (Mainz), the University of Maastricht, the University of Uppsala, the Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid), the European Journalism Centre, the International Centre for Migration Policy Development, the Kantar Public, the Migration Policy Centre at the European University Institute, and the Migration Policy Institute.