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Faculty of International Management and Business


Faculty of International Management and Business

Do you want to play sports before or after class, or take part in an interesting cultural program? Want to try a new sport in physical education classes? Would you like to go on a ski trip with your coursemates? At Külker (FIMB) you have all the possibilities for that! 

There is a 280 m2 gymnasium on the Mátyásföld campus, which is used by the students and staff of the Faculty for basketball, volleyball, football, table tennis and aerobics. In the basement of the Faculty building, there are four gyms for aerobics, fitness, table tennis and martial arts training and education, including on cardio and conditioning machines. 

Our students can use of the swimming pool, tennis court, artificial grass football field with discount in Erzsébet Park, 100 meters from the Faculty building, as well as the modern running track free of charge. 

At the Faculty, we pay special attention to the preservation of physical health and the promotion of various sports and forms of movement. The faculty members of the Physical Education and Sports Centre offer a wide range of courses during the diligence period so that everyone can find one that suits their interests. athletics, volleyball, basketball, football, swimming, conditioning, spine gymnastics, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, tennis, aerobics and horse riding. In addition to the announced courses, our students can use the school's gym, table tennis and aerobics room in their free time, and we also organise football, volleyball, streetball and table tennis home tournaments every semester. Representing our school, our elite athletes also compete in the national competitions of the Hungarian University and College Championship (MEFOB), where they regularly achieve podium places. We are not idle during holidays either, we organise various programs and camps, e.g. ski and snowboard camp, water tour, bike tour, wakeboard camp and hiking. In line with emerging needs, we strive to continually expand our course offerings and programs to make regular exercise a part of the daily lives of as many students as possible. 

Külker (FIMB) Sport Fun (KSF) is the Külker’s (FIMB) “sporting” student body, regularly organises sports or cultural programs for students, such as football tournaments, basketball tournaments, airsoft, or beerpong tournaments.