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Faculty of International Management and Business


Faculty of International Management and Business
Business relations

The Faculty of International Management and Business (FIMB) of Budapest Business School has strong ties with the domestic and international business sector based on a extensive network of relations that have been in place for several decades. Our corporate and institutional collaborations are present in our educational and academic life in many areas and forms.

Self-driving cars, speech recognition, image recognition, language processing, process evaluation and estimation, that is artificial intelligence (A.I.) is already present in many areas of our lives, with an almost inexhaustible range of possibilities. As AI is opening up new opportunities for business, we believe it is essential that our students are also aware of its potential applications in business. Thus, based on our longstanding collaboration with Microsoft, the Faculty of International Management and Business joined their AI Business School programme. This provides our students and partners with numerous opportunities:

For first year students, we offer an insight into the workings of artificial intelligence as part of the course entitled "Information Technology and the World", using the online materials of the AI Business School programme.

The specialisation entitled Business Intelligence and Decision Making in International Business focuses on the application of artificial intelligence in business management systems, and thus the AI Business School's curricula are directly integrated into our courses.

The Digital Marketing specialisation of our undergraduate Commerce and Marketing programme explores the role of AI in the marketing activities of businesses through Microsoft's curricula.

In order to enable students from any department and at any level of education in our Faculty to engage with the programme and learn the basics of AI, an optional course on the potential applications of AI in business, "AI Applications in Practice", is available to all students during the Project Week.

For the Faculty's corporate partners, specific courses will be developed and announced shortly, building on Microsoft's online course material, to help link AI to the operational profiles of the partner companies.

In a dual programme, i.e. learning combined with work experience, students deepen their knowledge in a specific field under the guidance of corporate mentors, thus utilizing the opportunity for learning combined with work experience (more than 100 students have already graduated in two Bachelor courses)

Companies providing opportunities for dual training:

Siemens Zrt. és a Siemens Energy Kft. »

Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. »


Waberer's International Nyrt. »

Kühne+Nagel »

Auchan »

DSV Hungária Szállítmányozási Kft. »

Our corporate departments (Citi Global Business Corporate Department  and Robert Bosch Lean Management Corporate Department), carry out joint education projects and research and development activities (e.g. operating a Smart Shop Floor logistics laboratory)

  • Internship programmes;  
  • Joint courses, during which both current and graduate students can acquire the skills needed for the digital transformation of the economy and receive a certificate of their acquired knowledge (e.g., IBM, Google);  
  • Joint professional programmes, with presentations by embassies, representatives of European Union organisations and evaluation of students' projects (e.g., Babelfest); 
  • Research projects launched jointly with research institutes, companies, and export development institutions (e.g., HEPA export-compliance and Industry 4.0 primary research);  
  • Co-organising competitions where our students can present their language and professional skills in front of corporate professionals (e.g., Business Talk project). 

CIPR the UK-based global professional body of PR professionals, has a thorough procedure for checking the content and delivery of academic programmes in relationship with public relations and communication. Our BA Communications and Media Science academic programme became the first academic programme in Central and Eastern Europe to be recognised by the CIPR, recognising the quality of the content and the delivery.

Current and prospective students of the BA Communications and Media Science programme of BBS FIMB, regardless whether they study in Hungarian or in English, can refer to this quality seal when applying for jobs in the field of communications and media worldwide, as an evidence of studying on a programme meeting the expectations of the profession and industry. Our students and graduates can become individual members of CIPR (subject to application fees / grades) and have access to a variety of benefits: professional materials, trainings, certification programmes, networking opportunities and professional events.

BBS FIMB and CIPR will also be collaborating in developing CIPR CPD Approved short courses in PR, marketing and communication for the regional market.