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Faculty of International Management and Business


Faculty of International Management and Business
Student excellence

Would you like to do scientific research during your studies? Do you want to participate in international and domestic professional competitions and conferences? At Külker (FIMB) you have the opportunity to start and develop your scientific work in departmental research as a demonstrator or as a member of the Miklós Káldor Students’ Academic Society. Faculty members work on current economic, communication, and diplomatic issues in professional programs and preparatory courses for academic student work (TDK), from which you can also prepare successful Students’ Research Society Conference (TDK) applications. You can read more information on the student life menu, but we report on our latest results here. 

Our latest results: 

In the Student Research Fellowship Application of the New National Excellence Program Higher Education Bachelor Education, Tímea Kovács won the scholarship in 2019/2020 with his application entitled Audit with a Marketing Eye for the school year. 

The New National Excellence Program with Higher Education Bachelor Talent! In the Research Fellowship Application for Higher Education, Bence Nagy won the scholarship with his application entitled Effective Business Communication in 2018/2019 for the school year 

At the National Scientific Student Conference held in Pécs in 2019, 12 of our students represented our faculty. Tímea Kovács, Soma Balla, Zsolt Dióssy and László Gergő Szincsák took second place with their papers. 

At the 2019 Institutional TDK Conference, faculty students presented 38 papers. Most of the dissertations presented came from students of the Faculty of International Management and Business. Our students were awarded 13 papers and 4 special prizes. Emese Dobos-Nagy, Nikolett Vasas, Vivien Karagits, Zsanett Mihály and Stella Tóth took first place. Petra Marada, Kíra Valkony, Anna László, Rita Patrícia Galambos, Fruzsina Papp Dalma, András Láng, Zsolt Dióssy, Soma Balla and Tamás Szabó came second. Tímea Kovács and Rebeka Óvári came third with her dissertation. The special prizes went to Zsófia Deme, Petra Szilvási, Eszter Tusa Bianka, Tímea Kovács and Emese Köröskényi. 


Results achieved in national and international professional competitions: 


Fundamenta FundaFutam competition 1st place – Mónika Erdei, Rebecca Mercédesz Fekete, Alex Lengyel (2019) 

IX. College and University Protocol Competition 2nd place - Fehér Regina, Kadlecsik Hédi, Sipos Johanna, Tamás Fruzsina (2019) 

National Financial Case Study Competition 4th place – Renáta Nagy, Laura Paget, Szabolcs Rendes, Dóra Tárnai (2019) 

BCG Strategy Cup international competition 3rd place – Áron Majnár (2019) 

All students who have won the above professional competition are members of the Miklós Káldor Students’ Academic Society of the Faculty of International Management and Business. 

In addition to the above competitions, our students regularly participate and have repeatedly won (2004, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2014, 2015) the National Media Student Competition and successfully participated in the Creative Student Advertising Competition, the L'Oréal Brandstorm, and the National Urban Marketing Competition too.