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Faculty of International Management and Business


Faculty of International Management and Business
Dormitory Committee (KOB)

The Mátyásföld Dormitory Committee helps with the smooth operation of dormitory life, the development of a harmonious community, and the integration of new college students. We take care of maintaining order, we help to solve student problems, and we represent the interests of the students. Our main tasks include co-ordinating the dormitory admissions, as well as the processes of moving in and out, room scheduling, and room control. We organise programmes to make college life more colorful and diverse so that a real, collaborative community can be created in the dormitory: whether it is a freshman inauguration, in-house cinema during the „get aquainted” evening, or autumn-winter excursions.

You can find our office on the fourth floor of the Mátyásföld Dorm.ülker-103716574460215/