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Faculty of International Management and Business


Faculty of International Management and Business
Dr. Katalin Antalóczy
Department of International Economics
College professor
Dr. Katalin Antalóczy
  • Office:1165 Budapest, Diósy L. u. 22-24.
  • Building:Building E, 2nd Floor, Room 19
  • Phone:+36 1 467-7843
  • Internal extension:843


Work experience: 1982-1987: Researcher at Financial Research Institute Budapest 1988-2006: Senior research fellow at Financial Research Ltd 2007 – 2011: College Professor, Head of department at College of Modern Business Studies, Tatabánya 2012 - : College Professor at Faculty of International Management and Business, Budapest Business School 2015 - : Program Director (International Economy and Business MSc) 2018 - : Head of Department (Department of International Economics) Areas of teaching: Economic policy, Advanced economic policy, International Economics, Economies in global value chains, Macroeconomic analyses "Lecturer of the year" 2018 Mentor lecturer of the year 2018, 2019

Office Hours

Hourskedd/Tuesday 15:30-17:30
Comment e-mailben történő előzetes egyeztetés alapján / prior consultation by email is required

Subject(s) taught

  • Master Thesis (Hungarian and English)
  • Economies in Global Value Chains (Hungarian and English)
  • Economies in Global Value Chains (Hungarian)
  • Economic Policy (Hungarian)
  • Advanced Economic Policy (Hungarian)
  • Environmental and Market Analysis (Hungarian)
  • Research Methodology (Hungarian)
  • International Economic Policy of Hungary (Hungarian)
  • Macroeconomic Analyses (Hungarian)
  • International Economic Analyses, Country Studies (Hungarian)
  • International Economics (Hungarian)
  • Flows of Factors of Production (Hungarian)
  • Country Studies – Comparative Societal and Economic Analyses (Hungarian)
  • College for Advanced Studies 1 (Hungarian)

Research areas

  • Fields of research: world trade, Hungarian foreign trade, global value chains, foreign direct investments, pharmaceutical industry